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Lake Forest School District Reviews

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I like a lot of things about Lake Forest High school. There is a lot of available sports, clubs, and classes to take.
I am now a Senior at this High School. I really don't like our school as a whole. It is better than most schools in Delaware, but this school could be way better in my opinion. The teachers are sometimes rude and aren't very good at teaching. There is a dress code implemented which to me is ridiculous. The sports are average, but that's all the school really cares about (just football and track though).
I am not against the district in anyway but there could be some minor changes made in the priorities of both administration and teachers in this school. Also, some people are also very close minded here.
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The school needs to stop favoring specific students. Everyone deserves equal treatment. Also, they need to improve how they hire teachers. The administration is awful. They favor certain students but when one student messes up its everyone's fault.
It is a great school and most teachers are awesome to get to know and learn from. Although, fights are a problem and sometimes the choices the administration makes are unfair. Nevertheless, this is a great school to open up in and get ready for college.
I would like to see how the students can have classes that are not too complicated meaning in math not be taught the common core when in college they want their students to get the answer right away than making multiple steps.
Also, have actual help on the SAT's like what is going to be on the test and have classes that will help in life than classes that are not useful in.
This school has a pretty good sports organizations.I would say the arts programs are good but aren’t as supported as the sports programs. As for academics, I think we have pretty hood staff that help students learn what we need to to graduate.
Lake is a rather friendly school district with an above average administrations office. The counselors are very willing to work with you and most of the teachers are both good people and educators. Overall lake is an above average school and I'm glad for all of the memories and friends I've made while there.
I like the guidance counselors at lake. they always are there to help and never look away at any problems. Some of the administration go out of their way for their students, others treat us like children still. We are growing and prospering into adults, more responsibility and freedom would help a lot.
It wasn't really a great place to go. It just felt like jail and the only reason why i went and wanted to go was for the sports. They need to allow the kids to grow and mature and treat them maturely and help prepare them more on life outside of school and daily life in general.
Lake Forest School District offered me an opportunity to experience the rural cultural and to learn about farming. Although it is not my interest it has caused me to exposed to an environment I would have never considered.
Being apart of Lake Forest School District was definitely one of my best experiences. Growing up in the district i had the opportunity to meet so many great friends, learn a life times worth of knowledge, and grow into a person i never saw myself to be. The countless hours of one-on-one time with my teachers prepared me for the big things i have planned for my future. The district shaped me into the person i am today and i am so greatful to have had such great opportunities within the district.
Being in the lake forest school district has been a good experience for the past 11 years. We have had good field trips and opportunities to get along with others and to meet new people. We are getting prepared for the real world and in college.
My experience at Lake Forest High School has been great. I would like to see some change though as far as leniency, and I was not a big fan of the uniform policy.
In Lake Forest School District the involvement from the teachers is mostly very good. They are always there for their students and thats what i like.
My expierence was a normal high school expierence. It was not a bad school, other than the strict dress code.
Lake Forest is a good district, but there is definitely room for improvement. Some of the teachers are not as knowledgeable on their subjects as they should be. Yet there are other teachers that go above and beyond, and help students and the school as much as possible. Athletics are improving with more successful teams, and the addition of new teams, such as lacrosse. The guidance counselors do their best to help students be prepared for college, but there is only two of them for 900+ students, so they have a lot to handle, and many students to take care of. My guidance counselor greatly assisted me in preparing for college, but I could tell she was stressed out since she is responsible for so many students. Discipline and bullying could be improved but for the most part they aren't that large of an issue. There are many extracurricular activities present at Lake Forest that students can be involved in. A sense of family exists in Lake Forest, because everyone supports each other.
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My time here at Lake forest can never be forgotten. Unlike most of the schools in Delaware lake didn't have bullying at all and had encouraging people to help you out when you aren't feeling right.
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