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Lake Fenton Community Schools Reviews

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The school district had very involved teachers and staff. They were always ready to face an obstacle head on and prepare students for their futures. Each classroom had a wonderful learning experience with student involment.
It’s okay. The people are snobby and the administration favors athletes over high achieving academic students. The teachers care about the students. The food is nasty except for cookies and snack food. The safety is great with cameras and busing in systems. The drills work too for students to be prepared for active shooters, fires, and severe storms.
Funds mostly go towards athletics when there is a teacher shortage. As well as the food funds are poor because athletics gain most all 'extra' funds.
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I like the buildings and structures. Staff is poor and does not truly care about students. Administration is poor and differs based on how they like the student, not the same acts committed.
Lake Fenton is a great school district. The teachers and staff are always ready to help and they make sure that all students are prepared for college and life beyond.
The school bolsters a great sense of community and pride. The administration and teachers are proactive, attentive and progressive.
I like that Lake Fenton is a tight knit community. Lake Fenton has great staff and great facilities. The only problem with this school district is the fact that it was not made for significant growth. The population keeps growing and growing with class sizes and hall ways getting jam packed. The whole student body cannot even fit in the auditorium. Lake Fenton needs to limit the number of kids it accepts from out of the district.
I have had nothing but an amazing experience at Lake Fenton. I switched to this district in 6th grade and was welcomed with loving students and compassionate staff. My best interest was-And continues to be- a top priority at Lake Fenton Community Schools. I have been given countless opportunities through this district, including but not limited to, band, student government, NJHS/NHS, dual enrollment, clubs, athletics, and work place experience.
This is a great school and I have many great memories there, the teachers are all great and they are ready to help whenever you need them, every staff member is kind and are up for a nice chat if they aren't busy, they only gripe I ever had is a very common one that a lot of schools don't do very good on, the cafeteria food.
Attending Lake Fenton Community School throughout my education has opened up many oppertunites for me and also has prepared me for college. As a Senior in this school, I have been able to participate in school activites. Also, throughout my high school career I have been a representative on student council, a member of Key Club, and President of National Honor Society. Lake Fenton Community Schools is a smaller district, but I think that is what makes it unique. Knowing everyone since we were just in kindergarten we have created special bonds that will continue pass our education at Lake Fenton.
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