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Lake Elsinore Unified School District Reviews

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Teachers genuinely care about their students education, as well as their future after graduating. The friendships that are made, are friendships for life. The family oriented atmoshpere allows students to feel comfortbale, opening a gateway for success.
The Lake Elsinore Unified School District is average its not the best but its not the worst out there there are stuff the they can do to improve the district
I liked the opportunity to take and learn American Sign Language at my high school. I also have the opportunity to practice signing at my younger brothers school at every Friday Flag. This helps me practice in front of large groups of people to gain confidence in ASL.
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I attend Elsinore High School as a senior and I have enjoyed my high school experience. Most of the teachers are very helpful and they invest in not only our education but our futures as well by teaching valuable life skills such as responsibility and time management.
The experice at Lake Elsinore unified school district is great there is wide group of diversity . That helps us over come any challenges and we are a very family friendly source .The teachers are great always making sure that you are able to understand information and they are very involved with us in class
I feel comfortable with the people whom I interact with on a daily basis during my experience at the schools which I've attended at LEUSD. Although I have had an enjoyable experience, I am aware that there are some people who just do not care and lack respect, certain events which have occurred on campus are evident of such. The education which I received was decided by who was my teacher. I have had some teachers who were dedicated and made efforts to educate while some others seemed to just had no idea how to teach. Some sports, specifically at my high school, from my perspective seem biased on who they select to put on their team. Aside from those which I sort of distance myself from, the community which I choose to surround myself with is way better; this community has more respect and the people, my peers and teachers are what make school challenging yet enjoyable due to connections- bonds- and motivation for improvements as a whole.
In the LEUSD, I went to Temescal Canyon High School and it was the most amazing experience. If you are interested in the Health or medical field I strongly urge you to join the HMCA program. Not only are there classes geared towards the medical field, but you will have the best relationship with your teachers. I was so lucky to be enrolled in this school district so make sure you do too!
I only went to Temescal Canyon for my Junior and Senior year of high school. The teachers were really friendly and kind but there was not much diversity on campus. Also at my old high school in LA they offered free college courses to students after school but this school didn't so that was disappointing.
I liked the whole experience I had throughout my entire k-12 experience in the lake Elsinore district. Schools were clean and the overall experience with teachers was a positive time . The sports programs weren't as successful in winning as I would of liked , but the coaches made it for a positive experience throughout my time participating on there sports teams. I'd truly recommend enrolling your kids into the lake Elsinore school district because they truly strive to make the whole school experience a positive experience for all .
What I like about this school district is that most of the teachers care about the students well-being. Most of the teachers have open rooms to allow students to be able to talk to them at any time. What I dislike about this school district is that it is extremely too easy to gain access on campus.
In the Lake Elsinore Unified School I liked how the students were very nice and it felt like a family while at school. However the things i would like to see within the district is the safety and facility. The safety at Temescal Canyon is horrible. Anyone can walk into the campus at any given time.
I love the Lake Elsinore unified school district. I love how staff tries their best to help families and students in ant way possible. I would like more communication towards parents and students.
Their are teachers who actually care about the students. There were also very open groups of students and teachers.
I am currently a High School Senior in the Health and Medical Careers Academy, which I have been a part of all 4 years. In the academy strong and healthy bonds and relations are made among both the students and teachers. Resources and opportunity within the Academy is vast and a real determining factor if the medical field is right for you.
Elsinore High School is preparing me to become an A-G student. Nevertheless, the school does have some rough spots.
As student of Temescal Canyon HS the only complaints i have are the bathroom utility, overall cleanliness of the school and how overpopulated the school is. Other than that though the programs, sports, and academics are great.
As a junior it has been fun going to this school and the feel of TCHS is loving and everyone knows everyone.
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As a high school senior, my experiance from the last four years has been great. I have been able to be involved around campus more that I thought I would have, made some great friends, and was lucky enough to have had a few teachers to help me out with school as it does not come easy to me. I am happy to say, I am a Titan and couldn't be more proud.
LEUSD is a very warm and welcoming district. They are informative to their students, but they need to remember that some parents don't have access to a computer to recieve digital flyers from the school.
I would like to see more community and high schools coming together to make the community better. They have great curriculum!
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