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Lake Dallas school district was an amazing environment to make friends and learn adult aspects. It is a safe school. But, when it comes to the actual education, students have to be the ones to push themselves, no one else. Within majority of the classes, teachers would assign projects that were too easy in order to make sure more students would pass. As a student, we never were challenged. Being afraid of not being ready for college, I took the control and signed up for dual credit classes that my school offers through the local community college. Now, I feel like I am ready to step into the real world. I believe that the Lake Dallas High School should push dual credit on students more abundantly than they do now.
Lake Dallas isn’t very diverse or understanding. It has poor communication and the administration does not treat its students or staff very well. There is not much room for the students here to grow or prosper, I would like to see more equality and fair treatment of everyone. The environment of the school can be dulling and hard to be successful in.
I enjoy how close the community is in Lake Dallas, there are a lot of people who really care for you and want you to succeed. I wish the way some disciplinary actions were handled differently but other than that I don’t have many grievances.
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It was an ok school that made you feel at home. Classes are good until you get to senior year and then it is easier than first grade. Overall a good school with a small class size, so everyone knows everyone.
We moved here from Washington State after just before our son started the first grade. He has been in a special education class since kindergarten for speech issues. In Washington he did not improve very much. In first grade, here in Texas but in a different ISD he improved but not very much with his speech. He was one of the kids that were on the edge of always being in trouble with average grades. Over the summer between 1st and 2nd grade moved out of company housing to a house of our own and that took us to Corinth Elementary. Our little trouble maker in the making started coming home with A's. His speech is has improved more than I can say. His cousins back in Washington can now understand him on the phone. The improvements have been so great that when we were forced to move again into another school district we bought a second car just to take him back and forth to school. We are now a two car family because Corinth Elementary School is the best.
We moved to Texas from Las Vegas because we wanted a better quality of life. Our expectations have been exceeded, especially when it comes to Corinth Elementary. Our child is getting a better education than the expensive private schools offered in Nevada. They are so loving and caring, it just blows my mind. We are proud and happy with our school.
As a senior at Lake Dallas High School, my experience has been amazing overall. I have created life long friendships with my classmates, and have gained an incredible education that I will continue to use in college. The faculty do their best to help you succeed, and don't stop until they notice progress. Lake Dallas is a great school district, and I wouldn't want to attend anywhere else.
Lake Dallas is an excellent place to raise your kids. I loved the school spirit. The teachers are amazing and I actually learned a lot.
I have attended schools in the district since kindergarten and as a student I have always thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the school district. As an involved student the clubs are fun and school spirit is noticeable. Our athletics are competitive and the teachers make an effort to help you understand the curriculum. Administration at the school are not just serious disciplinarians, they are fun along side the teachers.
I wish in High School there was more diversity in classes, The AG program is getting worse and worse each year and in Home Ec if you can call it that they only cook 3 times a semester; it is no wonder so many high school kids dont know how to cook. Now they teach ASL on the computer which is ridiculous a langage like that needs to be taught by a teacher not a computer.
Great school and learning system until the high school administration. Elementary was so fun and encouraging and great school for learning. Teachers in the elementary school were outgoing and cared enormously for all students and students were given motivation to keep working hard and reach their goals. The middle school was the same way and encouraging to continue the hard work to extend our education further .
Lake Dallas is a close knit community. There is only one high school in the district, so everyone knows everyone else. Has an exceptional band. Good academics and teachers. I felt prepared for college.
The best thing about LDHS is the fact that it’s a small town school with friendly environment. The downsides of LDHS is that recently, there have been multiple drug related issues. The admin at LDHS tend to be too caught up in the drama rather than focusing on providing quality education. The employees are not committed to ensuring success for their students future. Lake Dallas needs to enforce the absence policy in order to make sure the students are in class on time. Letting students get away with constantly being late to class leaves the impression that their education is not being taken as seriously as it should be & as a result, allows kids to take school as a joke. The youth is the future of this country and without proper education, the world is going to experience a generation of uneducated adults. Lake Dallas High School can improve this issue by hiring and training employees that have a passion for teaching.
I find the district very understanding and the staff helpful. I really enjoyed having access to the new CTE programs and advanced classes.
I've personally never had problems at Lake Dallas; I kept low profile. Some of my teachers really love teaching but some of my other teachers, I feel like they would rather be elsewhere.
Lake Dallas was a overall nice place to have grown up in. the teachers all were very nice and supportive of my education. However, i felt that when it came to the admin side, they all seemed to only care about outward appearance and not my actual education.
The site was easy to navigate, and the school and school district reports were thorough and balanced.
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