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I would like to see more diverse options for seated classes versus online. When it comes to the college level, it seems to me that they do not offer a lot of seated classes later in the day or night. Which in turns makes it hard for those working students to get a degree if you only offer a couple class a semester at night.
What I like about lake county schools is that they are small close knit schools and allow for good interactions between teachers and staff. However the schools need to take into account that the students opinions and requests should be listened to and applied in school policy.
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They have good teachers. They need more money for the internet so when we go on the computers it won't go slow. The food is decent some days. Many sports you can participate in at school.
Pretty average school system. Great teachers leave for better paying jobs. The AVID program is amazing at South Lake High School, and there are plenty of opportunities to help the community. Diverse ethnicities in South part of county. Curriculum is rigorous and still fun.
Based off of my own personal experience with lake county schools is that the students and teachers here hold so much potential and pride to being simply good people. I truly believe our very future is in my colleagues hands because they're extremely bright people being taught by even brighter leaders who will soon make us the leaders of this great nation. Only thing I would change if I could is our funds. We have so much to put out into the world but are only given little resources due to being a poor school which I believe we thrive upon to be even greater people who know how to deal with obstacles. I know my classmates and I at umatilla high school will become an elite groups of minds collaborating to make this world a better place. No matter what were faced with.
It's a public school district in America, what else can you expect? Someone could probably film a stereotypical coming-of-age-type movie in any of the high schools and kids all across the country could relate to it.
Our Band program is wonderful! Because of the Band, I go to school every day.
Also there are wonderful teachers. One of our school teacher is Florida Teachers of the Year!!
I liked the improvements with arts and music and also the helps for the students that do not speak english. The change that I would like to see is that they switch the principal at Leesburg High School.
Lake county schools are very unstructured when it comes to academic expectations in terms of graduation requirements. Since my arrival at a lake county high school for my freshman year(2014) there have been changes to required courses for every graduating class including my own. The daily schedule changes at least twice a year.
I have enjoyed my experience in lake county school. The teachers I have had have been very well. The Honors and Advanced placement classes are great because they challenge the students to learn harder materials. One thing that I would like is that we could fund our Arts programs such as choir, theater, and band in the lake county school district.
Central Christian academy has changed my life for the better. Kept me out of trouble, helped me be a better person and over all achieve academically. I will always recommend.
This school lacked of good administration. School staff seemed like it wasn't very organized, and counselors would talk to you like you were stupid. Campus was well taken care of so Ill give them credit for that. An issue I saw was teachers weren't very good at teaching and I can assure you everyone in the school would agree with me. Not all were bad but most. I made it so that is all that matters :)
Better preparation and guidance in applying for and seeking out Universities, trade schools, scholarships etc. I felt like they got us to the end and dropped the ball..
The main concern is the last of resources. Other programs that interest students such as the Criminal Justice courae we were going to be offered was no longer avaliable because of our lack if space for the room.
As of right now I'm a junior who attends South Lake High School, however it's the end of the year. My experience with lake county schools is about average. I feel that South Lake has definitely changed over the passed two years since I entered the school as a freshman. The principle switch was just what our school needed. The principle has created a strict and organized set of rules. He has hired all new teachers and got rid of the ones that weren't benefiting student educational learning. I think that the teachers, faculty, administration and such care a lot for student education. However I do feel that some things could be changed to make the school better. I think that they should work on bettering the looks of the school to present it better.
Lake county school help be a better person in life. It also taught me how till with mix race schools and help me learn a lot more.
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I liked the experience overall, but I feel that administration was very strict and there wasn't many activities that were inclusive of everyone. The events held for school spirit were to honor team sports and no one really included.
My experience with lake county schools was the best. I’ve gained so much knowledge over the years and I thank lake county for that. The administration is understanble and respectful and it can’t get no greater than that.
I have completed most of my education with lake county school system. I have enjoyed it thoroughly, only 1 bad experience. Lake County has good academics, I have been involved in honors education from middle school til now. I have had the privilege of getting to duel enroll at Lake Sumter State College. Sophomore year I was extremely ill, my school worked with my family and I so well, keeping me in the loop and keeping me up to date with homework and assignments.
Besides education, I have been included in a variety of extracurricular activities. When I was younger 8-14 I did competitive gymnastics, my schools worked very well with me and my gymnastics schedule. Later on, I was also in track, competing in pole vault and triple jump. I am also part of HOSA, FCA, and have been part of small events like talent shows that my school hosts.
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