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Lake City Public School District Reviews

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This is a school that is what you would probably expect for a town of 5,000 people. The best part of this school is the technology advancements in the classrooms. Each student at Lake City seven through twelve gets an iPad with apps like Notability and other apps that would help kids learn. For my time there I really liked this, because it allowed for use to have less books that we had to carry around. which made are backpacks a lot lighter. This school overall is average besides the technology use in the classroom.
I liked Lake City because it was smaller. It felt like the teachers go to know you and were able to adjust to each student.
A very good school for learning new ideas and connecting with other students. The teachers are friendly as well as your classmates.
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Lake City is over all a good school. Has a good community and people that attend and work here. For academics some kids say there’s a good variety of classes to choose from. Students will also say there’s teachers that they like or are okay. There’s also those they students absolutely hate having. Overall though this is a pretty good school to go to.
I came from a much larger school, and it made me realize that less students can be helpful for a more one on one education. However, there are very few class choices.
I liked the small town feel of lake city public schools. Along with my positive experiences with all my teachers, whine guided me towards the future career I hope to pursue. All of the teachers helped me both personally and academically. I hope to someday have my children also attend this school, since it has always ran in my family.
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