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There are good teachers and there are bad teachers, much like any other high school in America. The students are diverse, and the athletics are great, but the halls are fairly overcrowded and the parking lot is constant chaos at the end of the school day.
Lake Central School Corporation is a very good corporation. We don't have to do e-learning like the other corporations which is awesome. There is a very diverse school system. The teachers are pretty good. My favorite food from here though is pasta and bread-sticks. This school has been very good for me and my family and I'm thankful that we are able to go here.
Lake central school corporation has a huge facility and great people. I made so many friends and peers every single day.
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I am a High School Senior and have enjoyed my 3 1/2 years at LC. I am on my 4th year on the Swim Team and they are my 2nd family. LC has given me huge opportunities for AP classes and Dual Credit Classes. The teachers have been absolutely amazing.
Teachers easy to relate to and are always available to answer questions. Guidance office has been very helpful with questions about college applications
I didn't like the exclusion of home schooled students from the athletics in the school corporation. Although the Indiana high school athletics association allows home school participation, Lake Central does not.
There are waaaay too many students. There should be three regional high schools rather than smushing them all into one. In my three years there (I graduated early due to bullying and being absolutely terrified to attend the school), there was not only a drug epidemic but a suicide epidemic. Most teachers either ignore or perpetuate bullying, creating a sort of banter with the "popular" kids and ignoring the less popular kids, increasing their "power."
I like that Lake Central has diversity. I also like how safety of the students is top priority. What I wish could change is the consideration of mental health. Many students feel that they can’t miss school and get anxiety over it.
Lake Central is okay. I personally think the staff is biased or racist. As being part of the minority group at LC, there is a lack of cultural appropriation. The teachers always choose favorites, which are always the dumb, football jocks. They will pass any student athletes just to get those points toward the sports administration.
I loved being a student at Lake Central. The community is wonderful. The teachers are great and the administrators are awesome as well. Lake Central really prepared me for college because it is such a big school and offers so many opportunities.
Lake Central School Corporation is the best school corporation in northwest Indiana. The resources are great. The class options are very diverse and large. There are a large amount of very good athletic teams. The teachers are all very engaged in their classes and teach very well. There are so many clubs anyone is sure to find one they want to join, and if you can't find one it is very easy to start a club of your own. The opportunities at Lake Central are endless.
I love the helpful teachers, the arts, and the friends you become with. It is a large school, which may be overwhelming to some, but not to me. I Love it.
I really enjoyed the environment as a whole!! The teachers were very supportive throughout the whole year!!
I loved the opportunities that Lake Central High School gave me. I loved that you had so many opportunities to meet new people. There was always someone there that I related too. The teachers always do there best especially Mrs. Parks. She was my anatomy teacher and she was my favorite teacher out of all four years there.
Its a great school with many opportunties to get involved. The only negative is not opening all the newly built facilities for studenents to use on their own time.
I attended Lake Certral High School and Kahler Middle School, both were great schools and I learned many things from both schools. The teachers and staff are all very friendly, ready and willing to teach and guide their students in and out of the classroom.
Academically, the school is great. I wish they wouldn’t spend so much of their funding on athletics and would put some of that money towards the arts but I guess that’s an issue many schools have. The building is newly built and can fit all of the 3,200 students comfortably as opposed to the older building. The school has many classes and extracurricular to pick from. Being a part of a large high school, allows for students to find their group of friends. Teachers for the most part are great at what they do and genuinely have a passion for what they do. I haven’t had much experience with the administration so I cannot comment on that.
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Great school gets you ready for college and it is very involved with their students also has great resources
From the amount of time that I've been in the school coporation, overall it's pretty good. I just wish they would put more effort into hiring good teachers. They have lots of excellent teachers but the bad ones stand out more than the good ones and despite all the complaints from students and parents they just won't get rid of them.
I graduated from Lake Central in 2017. I absolutely loved it there. The teachers where great, the school was high tech and amazing and just had an all around great time there. I truly didn't have any complaints while there and actually loved going to school everyday.
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