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Overall performance was average. Was not pushed to do "extra" as a student. There were no art classes or music classes (other than marching band). Sports were very important. There were some teachers that cared very much for their students and wanted to see growth, others were not as involved.
The Laingsburg Community is quite small. After living here now for seventeen years, I have learned the names of more than half the town, I know the families that have lived in Laingsburg the longest, and I have had the pleasure of attending the local schools for my whole educational career. Laingsburg High School (LHS) is more than what you would expect from a small town; we have a variety of sports and other academic-based activities available to the student body, which truly expands on our learning opportunities. There are, however, a set of minor details which I find bothersome-the provided lunch is sometimes questionable in terms of edibility, there are sets of individuals who choose not to take advantage of the free education in front of them, and there is slim to zero opportunity for more 'gifted' individuals beyond the normal AP classes and online classes. LHS is still a great place for any student to their education.
Laingsburg Community school has been very helpful thoughout the years I’ve been there (since Pre-K). The teachers are always there to help and will do anything to see their students succeed. Not only the teachers, but the students working together is what really make this school a whole. You hardly ever see students belittling their fellow peers, in fact most of the time you see them encouraging and helping each other. I would love to see Laingsburg Community Schools advance in their diversity. Laingsburg is made up of almost all white. I would love to see other races come to our town so Laingsburg can show the world that no matter the race, or how diverse the community gets, we will always stick together and encourage bright futures.
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Laingsburg is a pretty decent school overall. I think what I found to be the most problematic is that we were never taught real world things. I believe more classes should be offered on things like nutrition/health, how to fill out your tax forms and how to figure out what major is best for you. College readiness was kind of poor overall I would say. The sporting programs were great and very successful. Some of the teachers didn't love what they were doing and that was very evident. In the last few years some of the administration changed and I believe that will make a world of a difference in the future. It is a good school with a lot of potential.
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