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Laguna Beach Unified School District Reviews

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I liked the funding the district has for the schools. Every student has the opportunity for financial assistance if necessary. The school is excellent on updating their classrooms and providing an electronic device for every student in order to complete online assignments from teachers. Most of the teachers ar engaging and have a drive for educating students. They are very good at providing a safe environment for every student to learn in and a no place for hate campus.
LBHS is very great school. The one thing that could be better is to create a more diverse school. However, living in laguna, there isn't much diversity on a culture setting. Academically wise, we rank one of the top schools in the nations (or something like that, basically we are a very great school). One problem is that our academics is so good, that people feel like a failure for getting B's. We are constantly surrounded by overachievers, which, in a way, pushes students like me to become better. However, the result is that there is a huge amount of stress put on us, laguna beach higschoolers, to get into the best colleges or just get at least a 32 on the ACT...which is hard stuff!!
Great High School, with the sterotypical High School experience. It would be great if there was to disband all the cliques that exist.
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I think it is a great school with excellent teachers and staff. All of the teachers are very qualified and know their subjects.
As a parent of two high schoolers I can say it is the closest to private school without paying private school tuition. It is very well funded through school foundation that has tremendous suppprt from the community. If your student is a traditional learner she will thrive. If he is non traditional or has ADD or other learning disabilities it is not as easy. The teachers are good with a few exceptions for some of the tenured math teachers who don't teach. I would say math teachers are their weakest link. There are however some very strong science and English teachers. The arts are also strong. Great parent involvement and good counselors.
I and now my son have attended Laguna Beach USD for the majority of our schooling. I attended a few grades else where it was proven that Laguna teaches its children better than the rest. I am proud to be able to give my son the chance at a better future by sending him to LBUSD. Even with a learning disability he his thriving in school because his teachers take the time to work with him when he doesnt understand.
At Laguna, there is a great emphasis on academics. However many of the teachers lack teaching skills and qualities leading to a lesser education than what could be possible. They do a great job of recognizing and preparing for AP tests but lack any notification or prep for SAT subject tests.
I went from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade in LBUSD and I am so glad that I did. I just finished my first semester of college and am so grateful for the education I received at LBHS because I was infinitely more prepared for my college classes than many of my classmates from other high schools.
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