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Lago Vista Independent School District Reviews

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I enjoy being with my peers all day, they really helped me boost my grades! I was doing a horrible job with all of my classes and most of the teachers were there to help.
Administrators are underqualified, unprofessional and belong in lower level positions. A few teachers are great but many just go through the motions and need to find a different career.
While the small school was great without having to worry about bullies, it was very clickish and everyone knew each other’s business. The high school also failed in design in the new school and didn’t put lockers in.
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Imagine reluctantly moving into a brand new town after losing everything and being greeted by friendly faces and an administration that's only goal is to help you succeed. The Lago Independent school district is an overall great district, it has a brand new high school and iPads used for acedemic purposes. The various clubs and teams offered range from to the LGBT club to an award winning one act play team, and even though it's a small school many unique classes are offered. some things that I would like to see change though is the fact that the district isnt very diverse, and the football team is favored and gets the most funds out of all the sports offered.
They have a good program. I would like to see them offer more languages, but overall a good experience. I am so glad to be considered an alum. I wish that they didn't switch to all technology, but I wish that instead of using iPad's they used laptops.
The school is fairly small so you know everybody and it feels like one big family. Lago Vista is growing quickly though so the high school is going to need to expand to keep up with all of the kids.
Wonderful small school environment, dedicated teachers, and top notch academic programs (particularly at high school). Students are well-rounded by having opportunities to participate in numerous extra-curricular and academic organizations.
Lago Vista is a great school district. It small with personalized experiences. The teachers are knowledgable and helpful and the district is small enough that the teachers know your name. You are an individual, not a number. The staff care about each individual. The friendships I have created are strong bonds that will last a lifetime. The sense of pride is a great feeling. I wouldn't want to graduate from any other school!
Lago vista has a lot of highs and lows. The academic programs are above and beyond excellent. Coming from a small school I was worried about the transition and Lago Vista prepared me to take college level classes.
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