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Lafourche Parish Public Schools Reviews

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My experience as a parent was less than stellar. My child had an incident and the administration did not make her feel safe. If it were not for the presence of a few good teachers, my child would not have flourished in her high school years.
Growing up in Lafourche parish schools was decent. Our teachers were not that attentive to teaching, they expected us to “learn from our peers” as a group. From my experience there were teachers that were dedicated to teaching which I appreciated and some teachers didn’t care for what they were teaching and was straight learning from books. The school grades all got along but some people were bullied by differences and nothing was done about it. The food tasted pretty good. Our learning supplies was pretty good, good enough to learn with. Our schools are just as any other I would say.
I have gone to lafourche parish schools since pre-k and it has been a great experience. I've never had issues with any of the teachers or faculty members and I'd say that I've gotten a decent education from them.
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What I like about the schools is that there are always something going on basically you will never be bored.
I really enjoyed our educational system, because we had college courses available, but I would really appreciate a closer look into what goes on in the classrooms. I feel as a student some of my teachers were wasting time talking to us rather than teaching us.
When I was in high school, i had no issues. Students and faculty were friendly. Teachers were there when anyone needed extra help. Everyone had a lot of school spirit and always tried to hype each other up.
Not too bad overall. Could improve overall communication between administration, teachers and parents.
Lafourche Parish Public Schools offer students a great education and multiple opportunities. There are several extra-curricular activities including sports and academic clubs. The schools in Lafourche Parish have always prepared me for the next level.
The Lafourche parish school district is not very great, in truth the education in Louisiana isn't good at all. They put their honors students and mix them in with the students that aren't doing so well so in return these honor students do not feel challenged and have to go farther away to get a better education.
My time as a student in the Lafourche Parish has been a blast. Everything constantly continues to run very smooth and efficient through out the school year.
The Lafourche Parish school are some of the most interesting school I have had the pleasure of attending. Their academic programs are excellent with many options for students to find their interest. The teachers are friendly and welcoming. If a student needs help, the teachers are eager to help them. The school system has an awesome response to the parents. Parents are able to get information need to help their child during their student career. A major problem that exists between the school and the teachers are that the teachers and administration often don't communicate very well with each other. The administration often give the teacher more work than they already have by making demands that often contridicts.
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