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I have expirenced so much while being enrolled at Jefferson High School. Every school has their ups and downs, our schools downs just get published more. But academically we offer so much more than any other school in the district.
I have loved my time at Jefferson High School. We are one big family and we always support each other through everything. If I could change one thing it would be that sometimes the school is too cold or too hot.
The programs they offer are more than one can handle! Loved it all. My favorite part was the music programs and how well known it was. It led to Jefferson having a free concert.
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I was a student with Lafayette School Corporation since I was in second grade. I enjoyed going to Sunnyside Middle School before going to Tecumseh because it allowed me to feel more confident. I was not as nervous going to a big middle school as I would have been.
The diversity and variety of academic classes is refreshing as someone who came from a small, southern school. You can tell lots of effort from the administration goes into making their schools great for their students!
Lafayette School Corporation has been the biggest impact in my life. I went from having no friends to moving to these schools and meeting so many new people and building a friendship that is better than anything I've ever had. The teachers are so supportive of you and your work, and they really push you to follow your dreams. I went from not knowing what i wanted to do with my life to joining the FIRST Team 1646 robotics, not really know what i was doing there, to plans with being a Civil Engineer after i graduate.
There needs more direction for incoming transfer students. Most of the kids went to school together from K to 12th grade and they’re made aware of the programs/opportunities from an early age. I am an honors level student and there was no help or direction to getting me on that path until late into high school. I feel it detrimentally affected my grades and self-esteem greatly. Also, there’s too much of a focus on sports and who can help us win vs academics.
Lafayette School Corporation was where I started school and ended school. Everyone talked bad about it, but honestly, it was the best school corporation in the area. We had some bad teachers, but still everyone cared for you and everyone wanted you to succeed. It was a normal school corporation with the diversity of students, still great though. I enjoyed my time there and hope to have the chance to send my kids through there.
My overall experience at Lafayette Jefferson was one that was enjoyable. I enjoyed all the teachers who I have had throughout the years. Each teacher was ready to teach their students and help them prepare for their futures. I enjoyed the activities as well. There was several clubs to participate in and several organizations to help everybody at School to feel involved.
I enjoyed most of my classes in my high school career, with plenty of opportunities to choose from. I wish to see a good few of the policies more enforced and a better and more consistent check on teacher behavior outside of school.
Lafayette School Corporation is a wonderful community to be a part of. My mother has taught for the Lafayette School Corporation for 30 years. Within these 30 years, she has taught at 3 different schools in the Lafayette School Corporation. This corporation has provided her with mentors and fellow educators who she will stay connected with even after retirement. She has been provided with ample opportunities for growth within this district. The Lafayette School Corporation provides stability and empowerment to it's students.
Lafayette School Corp. does a really good job of keeping kids safe, one of the high schools, Lafayette Jefferson, has police officers patrolling the school all day to keep order and peace throughout the halls.
All in all I believe that LSC is a great corporation and the involvement from the community is incredible to see. Alumni who have graduated often donate money back to the schools and that is an amazing thing to have happen, it shows just how big of a family LSC is. All of the teachers really care about their job and all the parent involvement is truly awe-inspiring. Often with marching band they will have more than thirty moms and dads all working different jobs to help our band do what it needs to. The buildings are thought out and the facilities are just amazing. Not to mention the amount of options for kids to learn and reach for their higher potential. The teachers in LSC really care for their students and want to see them succeed and that's just amazing. The only reason I give it a four stars is because things could get better as they always can, not everything's perfect but one certainly can't complain too much about the district.
I liked a lot about LSC, there are some things I would change though. I feel as thought their Anti-bullying initiative isn't very helpful, and they show a lot of videos that seem to pat the backs of people who are just nice, rather than giving actual help to people who are being bullied. I like their approach into a more modern tech-based education, but there were so many bugs it made it difficult to use the computers we were given. The Jefferson high school library also got rid of a lot of their books, about 1,000 of them for a "makers space" that didn't really appeal to anyone. It was really just an area with legos and building tools that no one had the time to use during classes. I did love many of my teachers and administrators, and the sports and arts programs are great! I just wish that the theater program was given more funds, like the music programs are given.
The Lafayette School Corporation has truly helped me on my path of knowledge. From my elementary school, Vinton Elementary, to my high school years at Jefferson High School, each year has been nothing but educational. The majority of teachers here have been supportive and patient with the students.
Lafayette School Corporation has overall treated me well throughout the years. I find that the education and the teaching methods here vary from teacher to teacher but still change to meet the needs of each individual student. Constant survey's sent out by administration allow us to voice our opinion's on upcoming events, new technology, and cafeteria foods.
Lafayette Jefferson is an excellent high school. The school gets a lot of bad publicity for some of the issues that happen with a typical inner city school, but there are a lot of great things that you never hear about. The Principal, Mr. Preston and the Athletic Director, Mr. Stoval go above and beyond expectations to raise school spirit. The last home wrestling meet we had over 50 students in the stands. That is unheard of at a wrestling meet. On the music side, the marching band just returned from California where they marched in the Hollywood Christmas Parade. With a school of 80+% free or reduced, I have never been disrespected by any of the students in the 8 years I have been involved in the school. The school musicals and plays are outstanding to se the talent level that the school has. Teachers are dedicated to the students growth and development and are some of the best in the area, if not the state.
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My overall experience was not that great. I would like to see a big change in the way administration handles things.
LSC as a whole, I do not like. The main high school, Jefferson, is a good school, as long as you are apart of sports or choir. If you don't participate in either of those then its bad. The teachers don't care about you or try to help you. However, Oakland High School is the complete opposite. I absolutely love Oakland. It is a work at your pace kind of school and the teachers are extremely involved and try to help you in any way possible. they care for you and your future. I have always hated school. I never thought I would finish high school and I certainly didn't want to go to college. That is until I went to Oakland High School. Becoming a mighty oak was the best choice I could have ever made. I have changed my life around and I will be graduating mid-term and will be attending Lincoln Tech. in June. In the next five years I hope to see the academics improve, the teachers improve, technology use go down, and the urge for students to go to college get bigger.
The Lafayette school corporation is a very well organized system of schools . Even though it's organized, I would say its schools are not the safest. However The school curriculum is quite advanced and the classes are excellent .
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