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Lafayette Parish Public Schools Reviews

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Performing Arts schools. Bring the program to all areas of the district. Far too programs are on the Southdidemof town. Better schools with current technology and materials are provided on the Southside.
Lafayette Parish school are very diversed and have very many different kinds of people. Most of everyone gets along. The teachers and administrators are very good at making the curriculum easy to understand as well as making the school easy to want to come to.
I'd like to see a better outreach that can be provided to new students who transfer to the school system and are unaware of all the rules and regulations that set LPSS apart from other schools.
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My experience so far after being in the schools of choice program since i was in kindergarten was very well taught and upbringing. I have learned a lot and continue to learn a lot with this upcoming school year!
My experience at the Lafayette Public School System is great. We learn life skills and college readiness.
At this point, i think the students would manage this district better than the school board. I could rant for days about LPSS; but I’ll save you the time and say that your child will learn tons here, but they will become bitter and hateful towards this district and the people who run it.
The rules are dumb and have dumb reasons. The school board doesn't care about what the teachers have to say, neither do they care about the teachers input on anything to better the school. They make all the decisions themselves and what they think is right which actually isn't right. This school has a dumb and weird grading policy and this dumb rezoning thing that they keep doing. Lafayette Parish needs to do better. The lunches are not real meat, neither is it healthy or real. They calm they broke but have built a 6 million dollar school.
I go to O. Comeaux High School. For about 3 weeks there wasn't any girls bathrooms open, sometimes this lasted all day. We've had opossums on campus more than once. There's a great art program and a few chances to get college credit.
I would like to see more diversity in ALL Lafayette Parish Public Schools, and I would also like for all students to be considered when the school board makes decisions.
I attend the local university in Lafayette. My Uni is UL at Lafayette. The campus is very diverse and the school is ever growing. There are many opportunities to to get involved in campus life. There's church groups, community services groups, and many professional groups to keep life interesting.
Personally school felt like a prison to me, constantly we were told to abide by these outrageous rules that were enforced by the Lafayette school district. I felt as if they were worried more about kids clothes instead of attendance and making sure kids were understanding the curriculum being taught.
I liked how much culture it has. Lafayette High was almost a melting pot of all kinds of cultures, coming together beautifully. I wish the school facilities would be updated however.
There is not good funding for the schools b/c of the gov. Also, the parish is struggling to find teachers, especially math teachers. The middle school I went to had this split between the gifted/honors students and the regular students. However, the split was in between the teachers, not the actual students themselves. The regular teachers would treat the gifted teachers terribly; the principal especially did so. However, it still was a good experience because of the people I met.
I loved the teachers that made a difference and the long time spent making many memories with the new people! Some things that could change is the schools attitude as a whole and the administration giving in to whatever people say and think.
The Lafayette Parish community celebrates a strong sense of spirit, community, and pride. A lot of opportunity is given for parents and students to be involved. Safety is one of this parish's main concerns, given the composing unpredictable weather experienced and holidays celebrated in Southern Louisiana. The school board can improve on facilities and infrastructure. Availability on the incredible programs offered are slim and should be widened for all students to take advantage of.
My experience at Lafayette High school was great as far as diversity and socially preparation go, but if I could see anything change it would be the course style and course content. The level of college preparation that I received was poor. I was in the gifted program and those classes gave me a great platform to stand on, but in the advanced classes that I took I feel like I have a very basic understanding of what I have learned but I find myself reteaching myself the basics in Math and English Language Arts.
Lafayette Parish Public Schools system is a great school system. The schools are great. Lafayette Parish offers the schools of choice which gives parents and students a good amount of choices for school. There are the French, Spanish, and Chinese immersion classes. They have one of the best High Schools in the state, the Early College Academy.
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The experience withing the LPSS school system has been like none other due to it's constant strive to better the schools and the teachers and staff within the Parish.
The only thing I like about LPSS is that they offer regular, honors, and AP courses. Besides that, the schools are run down and need to be updated.
i enjoyed most of the teachers, who actually loved teaching. Pouring knowledge into our kids who will be the nest generation is something the whole entire community should do together. It takes a village to raise kids these days. When faculty come together to figure a solution to better our kids, there is a greater outcome.
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