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Lafayette County School District Reviews

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Lafayette high school has been a great school! I have loved al of my thirteen years that I have attended here. Great teachers and great faculty!
Way too much drama, and I feel like I am constantly dealing with bullies or being called one. Seems as if the administrators do not care to take control over their students/staff. Overall, I give 2 stars because academic wise, LHS is GREAT!!
I think the school is doing a good job on providing for our students in the every day setting. I do think they need to be taught more life stuff to prepare them for the real world.
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Lafayette County School District is a really excellent school to invest your child in. They really cared about your child. They will treated your child like there very own. The Teachers really cared about your child future. They want to see your child succeed in life.
Great School. Wonderful teachers. My Husband went to school here and this is where he wanted our kids to go. I have loved it so far. I have one about to be in middle school and another starting pre-k.
I Love Lafayette School District. It is the only school I have ever attended, and I will be a senior next year. My Mother also graduated from Lafayette in 1982. They offer a wide range of courses, and some college courses too. We have great teachers who care about their students, from the elementary all the way to high school. I would highly recommend Lafayette school to everyone.
Lafayette high school has been a blessing in my life. In a state as poor as Mississippi having the kind of resources that Lafayette has is amazing. From athletic facilities to in classroom experience. Lafayette is an A rated school with a top quality education. The school also revolves around the community and its best interest.
Overall I really enjoyed my time there. It was always a safe and fun learning environment. Being an athlete I enjoyed the facilities and amount of support we got from the fans and school.
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