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Lafayette County C-I School District Reviews

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Communication is lacking in this district which causes disorganization and inadequate parent involvement and contact.
I like how the small size of the school provides me with many different learning opportunities. Sadly, it is difficult when trying to make new friends or when wanted to participate in a more obscure activity due to lack of students and funding. I am a major supporter of our school's performing arts programs, but they aren't as generously funded as most of the sports. The people in the school are very nice and understanding, but there isn't enough diversity in my opinion. I believe that my school has trouble supporting minorities such as those in the LGBT community, people of color, and those with disabilities whether they're physical or mental.
The education on the math side could be better and I believe there are rules set in place that are not helpful or conducive to anything. I would have also like more involvement with the arts. Regardless, it is a nice quiet town with pride and a fairly good place to go to school.
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There are a lot of things to like about this school district, but the one thing that really impacted me was the connection that was illuminating from the school. I really enjoyed being apart of it. It feels like a family, as not only the district, but the community is really tight-knit and supported everything involving the school. Going to school here really showed me how and what it took to be a good person and accomplished individual.
I like most of the teachers and students at this school. However, communication between students and teachers or teachers and parents could improve. Because this school is located in a rural town, we do not have very much ethnic diversity.
I liked having that community feeling from my school. I do wish, however, that we didn't have such a high turn over rate of teachers. I also wish that the counseling was a little better. I also wish that teachers and staff didn't have so much favoritism and didn't discriminate students because of who's family they belonged to.
The only thing that needs to be changed is the food served and college readiness. I think the teachers don't prepare students enough for college.
I like how I receive fair treatment and get the small town feeling. Everyone is treated well, and gets the same education. The school as a whole is great. There is excellent participation and activities.
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