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Don't love it, don't hate it. It could be better because some teachers care way more than others would, and some are just plain racist
What I like is that we are encouraged to learn and succeed. There is not a day that goes by where education is not stressed. What I would like to see change is the atmosphere. It is not as inclusive or welcoming as many lead on. More needs to be done in order for all students to feel safe and comfortable at school.
I am currently a junior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School and overall Ladue is a good school district. The high school is currently almost done with is multi-million dollar renovation, so the building is almost completely new. The academic environment is excellent with our teachers being actively involved in the students work and activities and do help students reach their full potential and prepare for their future. The school is very diverse with many students from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.
However, one thing about the district is that although they are diverse, there are very distinct cliches. The district as a whole, while diverse, does have an issue with fully understanding minorities, but the staff of the district is constantly achieving to make every student and parent feel equal and involved throughout each student's education.
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I love Ladue! I have been here since kindergarten and have only the best memories here. Each school prepares you well for the following school. Teachers are friendly and always happy to help. The high school is brand new with amazing facilities. The district has real pride in Ladue and the community.
Being a senior at Ladue High School, and having been in the district since Kindergarten, I feel I have had some of the friendliest, most intelligible teachers during my experience in the Ladue school district. The character of the student body is also amiable. The only thing I would change about the high school would be the schedule system: there has been a new schedule introduced a couple years ago, and it has increased the amount of homework each night, and decreased the amount of time available for teaching each school day.
This is a school district that cares about its students. Parent and community support is strong. But has some room for improvement. There needs to be more Teaching and Administrative staff that represents the different skin colors and ethnicities found in the district.
Fantastic schools (all my 3 kids were and still are attending), innovative teachers, proactive polices, fast change implementation, very high academic standards, great extra-curricular activities, emphasis on music and the arts in conjunction with science, sports and debate teams.
I enjoyed the fact that there were so many different clubs and activities and the teachers were wonderful. However the administration were too strict on the wrong people and looked the other way when other students needed help. I felt they were ineffective in helping students succeed in school.
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