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Lackawanna Trail School District Reviews

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My experience with Lackawanna trail has been a very good one. I personally liked being a part of a small school. Even though there was a lot of dramas because everyone knew everyone else’s business, it’s a very close knit community. There were some teachers that prepared you very well for college and others not so much. I’m very thanksful for my time at lackawanna trail and proud to be called a lion.
The education was excellent and the teachers I had all really cared about their students' growth. The academics were good, as well as extracurricular activities and sports. We had a very supportive community of family and friends at all sport events. The music program was very good, and the teachers were great, however we need more music teachers at the school.
The school is very small, so there isn't really anything that happens here. Drama spreads too fast, and teachers don't really care about anything happening within student life. Bulling is a big issue that never gets resolved, but the school is starting to crack down on that. I'm happy this is my last year here for the sole reason that they are planning on cutting the music program and putting the funding into our football team, even though we never win any games.
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The Lackawanna Trail School District has prepared me as a student and an Individual to keep up the the college standards. The majority of the teaching staff shows experience and passion about their subjects. I feel I had the opportunity to develop my interests through the courses offered. It's easy to get involved in any sport, and to find your own niche in a club. Funding for academics and extracurriculars often pose a challenge, but are taken care of in creative ways.
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