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I enjoyed my experience at Lacey Twp. HS. I became involved within the total school community. I was a member of the soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse teams did all four years. I played on Varsity level since freshman year. I also participated on the Ski Club. I volunteered with the Booster and PTSO school sponsored organizations. This involved assisting with after school functions. Academically, I always felt the teachers were helpful. Lacey is a great school to attend!
All Schools should have air conditioning. More basic skills teachers would be able to work with children longer each day.
My experience at Lacey township High School has been fantastic. Through taking multiple AP courses I have been in class with the best teacher the school offers. They continued to push me and enhance my desire to go into the science field. They gave me the opportunity to take multiple science classes and have given me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in all of them. The teachers have a close student-teacher relationship with all of their students and it really makes for success in the classroom. It is never a boring class period because the teachers no matter what subject are up and walking around the room doing visual demonstrations of what we are learning. They teach to accommodate all of the different learning styles students can have. I have grown to be very close with my teachers and it makes leaving Lacey high school very difficult. What I would like to see change in the high school is the cleanliness of the bathrooms.
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Lacey Township high school is all about making everyone feel equal and unfortunately because of this, highly motivated and successful students are held back. If these students want to go above and beyond they arent allowed because administration says that "that is not leveling the playing field for everyone."
Lacey has so many opportunities for its students. The S.T.E.M. Academy is implemented in the high school and middle school and has been there for about 5 years now, Gifted and Talented Programs ar available from third to eighth grade, and the amount of clubs and resources is amazing. However, the district does not have a high budget for many of these programs which means countless fundraisers and missed opportunities for those involved.
Lacey is all about what you make of it. I am in Ap and Honors classes so I feel challenged and prepared for college. However, for people who are in College Prep. classes I can imagine that it would be very difficult to switch into Honors classes because of their competitiveness.
I enjoyed my time at Lacey Township high school. They tried to get students to be more involved but they rarely went through with those proposed actions. The only thing I would change is not being more involved in school life.
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