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La Vernia Independent School District Reviews

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I would say that La Vernia Is an ok school. A good thing is that at La Vernia you will receive help from your teachers due to smaller classes than some other larger schools
The teachers are very friendly, but the campus is very unconnected and unsafe, and my allergies always act up as soon as I enter the school.
The school was average, teachers were not very good but easy in most ways, I never really felt that I was wanted at the school.
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I have had a good time as a student i started 10th grade and i have i enjoyed it so far at first i didnt what move schools but after the frist year i started makeing friends and have enjoyed it
La Vernia is not a very large city which means that classes are decently sized and students are able to get to know their teachers and each other well. Tutoring programs that the teachers sponsor are helpful, and the teachers are committed to student success.
La Vernia is a pretty mediocre school. Some sports programs are really good, while others are lacking. The campus is not considered open, however anyone could easily walk into the school without being questioned. The academics are good in some classes, while others not so much. La Vernia definitely needs to better prepare its students for college.
Before we moved to La Vernia, my son was receiving Dyslexia services and was participating in the Gifted and Talented program. At La Vernia, they offered both of these programs during the same pull-out class period. We were told that we had to choose one program and drop the other. We were disappointed that the school district could not offer both services. We chose the dyslexia program and my son was never able to be in GT again. This changed his perception about himself. He went from being associated with a positive Special Education program to being associated with a negative Special Education program. It was unfortuate that because La Vernia is a small school district, they cannot offer as many programs to its students.
Everyone knows everyone. The teachers are caring. The counseling center goes out of its way to help you.
La Vernia High School has the most school spirit out of the three High schools I've been in. It has made my high school experience amazing! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend this school.
I liked the student involvement, as well as the help provided for college readiness. What I would like to see change would be the attitude that the students give off to one another.
Going to LVHS was certainly eventful, as there were plenty of visits from local law enforcement and counselors throughout my 3 years of attendance. This year was especially depressing because of the mass incarceration of our Mighty Bear football team. As I'm looking at the options for reviewing below, such as academics or diversity, I'm reminded of just how abysmal this school has been. Regarding academics, ask any student that goes and they'll tell you: "I'm not anywhere near ready for college", which goes along with the awful performance of the teachers. I could go on, but all this to say...LVHS provides comic relief, sure. But that's not what a kid should go to school for. They require someone to care about their future, which is not present in La Vernia.
I haven't had any terrible experiences with LVHS, but I do think they should pay more attention to the teachers. Multiple have issues trying to teach their own subjects, making it hard for students to learn and excel in school.
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