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I would like to see a change with teachers getting more involve with the students for college. There were some teachers that were involve, but not how I want them. Usually I had to do everything on my own and sometimes I would get frustrated by it. No one in my family went to college to help me. I thought the teacher would have help me, but they did not.
My experience with LPHS has been mediocre. The counselors could be more interested in students futures. The students control a lot of the environment. The teachers teach using packet work. This is not interesting or thought provoking.
It's a homely environment. You feel welcome and you can go to almost any staff member to talk or for any help whatsoever. The community is wonderful. The only down fall is really the the fights. They are frequent.
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La Porte is a great school to attend. I feel like I have gotten an excellent education. The teachers and administrators are helpful and want to see you succeed in life after graduation. The tutorial program is great and teachers are always available. They are willing to work with you. I like the dual credit option they offer. It helps you get a jump ahead in college classes while still attending high school. The only downside is the campus is spread out but administrators do allow ample time between classes which helps.
I like that it is a smaller district so that it only has one high school, and the student to teacher ratio was good. Some things I wish could be changed was the huge focus on football. I think other academic clubs should get funding from the school just as athletics do.
I had a really good experience with teachers and I actually learned from them. Discipline is certainly something the school needs to work on. I felt like the rules were very relaxed unless the superintendent took notice and then they were suddenly enforced for a few weeks, only to go back to being relaxed again. There should be a middle ground that the administration should agree upon and stick to. Plans in case of bad weather on graduation day should be reviewed and fixed. La Porte gets called ghetto a lot but I think the new additions and upgrades to the school should help fix that reputation.
I have been in La Porte Independent School district since I was in Pre-k and I've had a very good experience, as it has impacted my childhood in a positive way. Each teacher I've had has taught me things not only about education but about life as well. I would change the Administrations point of view on keeping the school program called AVID. Avid is a class that has gotten me accepted in the college I wanted to attend and teach me how to study in order to succeed in my college life. Another thing I would like to change, due to the horrible crimes committed in schools these days are the drills. We do not practice any time of intruder drill. I love my school and have made many memories.
In my school we have had a lot of change over the four years I have attended. This school has been through a mass of construction and rule changes which we mostly benefited from. The expectations of the students attending were risen and so were the teachers, however there are still a few flaws or maybe many that are embedded into the school and its attendees.
Through my years here at the high school I have been provided with some really top notch teachers. They are not to strict or to lenient, which creates a great learning experience. The younger levels focus on math and reading skills which makes it a lot easier in the higher years.
I liked how most teachers will give you the opportunity to become a better student. I liked how the teachers would be there for you anytime you had a question on something you didn’t understand. I would like for the school to help us prepare for college more. The district somewhat helps with the next path but I feel like they should be preparing us more for the future. Instead of teaching us how to take a STAAR test, I think the teachers should help us prepare for SAT and ACT because those test will determine whether or not we as students get accepted into college. Overall I liked how the teachers care about our success.
La Porte was a good place to go to school, but the admin should spend more money on academics than on football.
I am a recent graduate of LP High School and I am proud to be an alum. The teachers give us the tools to succeed after graduation. I wish the counselor's office made more of an effort to help us plan for the future. My parent's are still waiting on a return email from my counselor from my sophomore year!!!
LPHS is a good school, with great teachers. As a parent you have to stay on top of your child's education. The only thing I did not like is not getting a returned phone call from the counselor after I left a message.
My experience with la porte was amazing. Wonderful and fun people and so many different things to do. La porte isn't that big of a town but it's definitely a loving one that loves watching the football games. There is so many different types of people to interact with and the culture is very diverse. The high school is becoming bigger and better and I wouldn't want to see much change it's a wonderful place.
The AG program has really disintegrated from what is used to be. There is zero leadership there and that is a shame considering that is what the program should be all about!
The teachers in this district are amazing. However, the administration needs a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to how they treat employees.
I believe that all of my years that I have went to this school district, I found it completely helpful in socially and academically.
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Love the office staff, teachers, facilities. Great programs. Friendly atmosphere, and college readiness is great.
I liked that almost every single teacher was set in helping prepare you for the next part of you life (college).
La Porte High School offers a wide variety of AP courses and extra-curricular activities for students to participate in.
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