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La Joya Independent School District Reviews

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Amazing district, they provide us with everything we need for our studies. Teachers give engaging lectures and tutor us when in need. The clubs and activities are always fun, and i love the fact that we all can start our own club on anything we want. The school cultures is full of pride and love.
Very helpful teachers and one on one teacher experience with students when help is needed. staff members are pleasant and love being able to help with anything we introduce to them.Open to ideas we collaborate with willing to adjust the environment so everyone will be at home.
I really like the fact that countless of opportunities are offered regardless of the fact that we are from a little known part of Texas, La Joya always does their best to fit to their students needs. For example, we have early college high schools that are made to help those that are "at risk" of not going to college by offering them financial aid, and paying for their test such as SATs and Pre-SATs.
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Well, La joya is a very good distric, meaning by being a progressivism educational philosophy. La Joya works on the whole child and getting me or other students prepare for our future. I will totally recomend my distric for every new student. One thing I would like to change is that they could add more programs to help us, more extracurricular activities that involves pur community.
The La Joya Independent School District has been recognized for many things in the past years but at the moment it isn't seen as the place to be. Currently at La Joya ISD many accusations have come up of harassment from both teachers and students. I've been a student for this district since my elementary years and I have never, personally, experienced such things but that does not mean things aren't happening.
la Joya Independent School District is one of a kind. It provides students with many opportunities to be college ready and successful. My experience in LJISD has been remarkably incredible. I know I will be successful in my future career because this school district has provided and given me the education and resources in order to become a someone in life. I have been involved in many organisations that LJISD provides and they have shaped me into the person I am today. In LJISD there are no excuses this District gives us as students everything and even more opportunities to be successful in our high-school and college experience.
The La Joya Independent School District is a good district that treat all of their staff the same and also the students from all of the elementary, middle, and high schools. The district raises awareness to important things which is what I really like about LJISD. It is a very good district which deserves to be recognized more often.
My Experience in La Joya Independent School District is incredible with the opportunities they offer to become a better person for the future.
Honestly one of the best schools out here in South Texas. Lots of opportunities to strive in your classes especially with the power hour that provides us with the options of going to tutoring, electives, doing homework or just relaxing.
Throughout my academic years with La Joya District, I've acquired the necessary knowledge for excelling in my classes and it has helped me achieve relationships with a lot of individuals in and out of school. La Joya takes pride in ensuring each student is ready and excited for every new school year. Parents are always encouraged to be involved in student's activities, as well as the community. Eleven years with La Joya will remain to be the most memorable experience of my life.
In the district there are schools that get you ready for college or schools that can give you an associate if the student earns it.
I like their way of teaching in school as how the teachers are involve with the students. They teach the student as a whole. Their organization is pretty good due to how their district runs. Also their involvement with small organizations and movements against certain things. A change I would like to see is for the district to spend more funds on academic needs and for the way of teaching be better than any other previous years.
They pushed me to not only be a better student but a better person. I have been here since I was little and have also gone to school in other states and I believe that La Joya Independent School District has been the best to support me out of all the school districts I have been to.
I would like to see more activities for schools that are more focused on school i feel like they don't get the same opportunities as the regular high schools.
As a student, I have been apart of the La Joya ISD for about 10+ years. I will be graduating in May 2019; many of my previous teachers inspired me to be the best student I could be. One thing that I believe will really help them grow, is the academic activities they provide, help students search for new interests in the STEM field; giving students the opportunity to attend STEM ECHS to graduate with their associates, has opened many doors for students who were not financially stable and allowing them to take free college courses. Last year during the 2017-2018 school year, I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing team of students, we participated in FTC. FTC, is a robotics competition that allowed us to explore our creativity to find a solution to build our robot from scratch. It being our first year, we were able to qualify for super regionals in Georgia after placing 1st place in Austin,TX. That being said, I'd like to thank LJISD for making my last few years unforgettable.
This district is an opportunity for many to get involved more in the community. This school district is good for academic advancement since the teachers here are great and are involved with helping their students. The counselors are also good at helping the students and are well organized. There are many events throughout the district to celebrate many things and spread awareness for diseases and cancer or other afflictions. Overall it is a positive district that could just use more funds for better equipment and better food honestly.
For the most part, the education here is pretty mediocre. There are however, a handful of teacher that go above and beyond their job descriptions as educators, and as a student I was very fortunate to have them as teachers/professors. The Fine Arts Department is a very good program but often gets forgotten and pushed aside by the Athletic Department. The programs offered in this school are vary from academics, clubs, early college programs, and sports. Unfortunately, resources are not fairly distributed throughout all the programs.
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What I like most about La Joya High School is how caring the teachers are. They work really hard every day to make sure you are learning the information they’re teaching. As soon as you walk through the doors it’s a welcoming environment, I’m glad to have graduated from a school this amazing.
I love the la Joya school district. The teachers at my child school are amazing. Thing one thing I do not like is that the administration send home notices sometimes a day before an activity without enough notice. La Joya school district have great activities to get children active in community as well as in culture. This school district as well as others school require a lot of fundraisers but it is okay because it is money that benefits the children.
Excelente school program and good resource for the successful kids life.ours kids need all the help to become a good person and have all the opportunity for a better life and be a good parents also to help our community to develop new programs for theirs future.
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