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La Feria Independent School District Reviews

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Overall my experience was good. The teachers are very caring and will work with you the best way they can to help you succeed. There were many teachers who would treat their classes as a college class and that honestly helped me when I got into college.
There certainly is a lot of pride for the school, but there are a few things that need to change. The teachers need to learn to actually love their jobs. Throughout my 4 years of attending this school, I only learned of 11 teachers that genuinely loved their jobs.
My experience in La Feria ISD was very good. I made great friends and had a terrific time in my classes. From learning to cook to playing the baritone, I can honestly say I will never forget my high school years.
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i loved my school, it was perfect. the most favorite thing about the school is the band. i love the way they perform. an improvement i would like to see would be that they should push more of the extracurricular classes to be more within the community. fundraisers, exhibits etc... they should also have more classes based on college or real life readiness. all they do is focus on the STAAR tests.
I like that it’s a friendly school but feel as if some things can be improved. Choice of lunch & the ability to help the seniors more with scholarships and college choices
My daughter goes to David Sanchez Elementary and they do a very good job in handling her when she has her meltdowns, she has ADHD and Autism. They do a very good job with her.
I'm a Senior this year and love it there the teachers can be strict sometimes but either than that it's like home.
I love my school and everyone who attends it. There's many opportunities here at this small school that many big schools don't offer; knowing your teachers, small classes, one on one. Some things I dislike would have to be the testing.. but that's everyone's major dislike. I'd love to just do hands on projects and actually discuss and talk freely about the subjects.
The teacheese are fairly well, some better than others. It definely needs and upgrade on teaching material.
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