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With 13 years of experience, I've had my share of great teachers with the occasional dud. Nothing outstandingly bad other than the food.
The teachers at this school are great and they really care about their students. There isn't much I would change because the school district overall is amazing. There are so many wonderful opportunities for all students and it is a great learning environment.
I love the La Crosse District because of the amazing people that helped me become the person I am today! Their quality teaching abilities and kind words make all the difference in the world every week of school!
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An amazing school district, especially given the size of La Crosse! All the teachers are very passionate about teaching and devoted to helping their students succeed.
Have had nothing but great experiences with the school district of lacrosse. From kindergarten to high school the teachers are great at working with students and parents to build successful, motivated, and confident students. There are plenty of clubs and activities, there is a quick response from teachers and administrators with ANY concern or questions about your child's experience at school.
Very caring staff, but resources are very unequally distributed. Oftentimes, athletes are given way more opportunities than other students attending. There is also a problem with GPA and rigor of classes, high schools do not offer weighted GPA's, and only a few AP classes are offered. Language and music programs are high performing, but extremely underfunded. Athletics are average, history program is extremely strong.
The school district has many programs and ways to keep everyone involved. The system is very centered on sports, theater is left in the shadow. There are many programs though for people to find what they are interested in with involved teachers.
My whole family on my mom's side has gone to La Crosse School district schools. Overall they are a great place to learn ans succeed and parents can feel safe knowing their child would be attending there.
I've always liked the School District, I think they do a very good job of making sure students get the best education possible. They don't get a lot of funding, but I think overall they're a better school district than average.
I had a good, positive, and successful time as a student of the La Crosse School District. At each level of education there were dedicated teachers who enjoyed helping students. This positive atmosphere resulted in strong academic performance and test scores. Along with high standing academics, the La Crosse School District also supports a wide-array of extracurricular activities and sports. These activities allow students to pursue their passions and meet new friends with similar interests. Each school is very diverse, inclusive, and open minded. Students come from all ends of the spectrum and our supported as necessary. I think it is also to note that the LGBTQ community should feel safe and welcome within each school.
It is a great school where students are valued. We work very hard at not letting kids slip through the cracks and we are working hard to make sure all students are a part of the school.
Very helpful staff, they go above and beyond to help there students achieve there goals to become the best . I got a concussion my freshman year and had a hard time concentrating in class, my teachers helped me with my homework so i could pass and were very helpful
The La Crosse School District has provided me with unique opportunities to succeed in my future career in the medical field. I am currently a senior in the Health Science Academy, a program for students interested in healthcare. The Academy offers us job shadows, mentorships, surgery livestreams, departmental tours at our local hospitals, and much much more. Not only that, but we can also receive college credit for classes like AP Psychology, Medical Terminology, Medical Technology, Global Issues in Healthcare, Introduction to Health Occupations, and as of this year, Anatomy and Physiology. Most high schools in the United States do not have a program like the Health Science Academy. Because of this, I recognize how lucky I am to be a student in the La Crosse School District, and am thankful for the opportunities it has given me.
The school district of La Crosse has excellent teachers and a very safe environment. The faculty work very hard to ensure that each student gets the education they deserve and enjoy going to school.
They were good with sports and supporting our qualified sports. As far as listening to what students and teachers want, they overrule and do what they think is best. For example in language departments, they don't take it seriously sometimes.
I have been in the La Crosse school district for 9 years and have enjoyed the opportunities and especially the teachers in this district. I would like to see more communication between schools and with students (often we get mandatory information the last day possible), but overall the teachers are wonderful and caring.
This district holds a diverse group of students who are shown value by their teachers. However, La Crosse could improve its resources and food quality at the schools.
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The Good: Plenty of clubs and activities available, as well as AP courses for honors students. Wide variety of classes. Excellent range of elementary schools to choose from, buses provided, helpful & creative staff. Correct action taken if student(s) feel unsafe. Students were reprimanded for threatening others and making them uncomfortable.

The Bad: Not the most diverse district. Very white. School culture is cliquey, as per usual. Some teachers were condescending, did not teach, and were lazy.

The Ugly: Really nasty food options and insufficient funding for it. Too much focus on sports and gym classes when the focus really should be on health education, academics, etc. Did not prepare first generation students for college well or offer much advice to poorer students.
It is very community driven people are supportive of the schools especially the sports teams. I would like to see improvement in their food options for school lunches a healthy active lineman shouldn't have to eat the same as a small freshman girl.
My education here was fairly well. I had competent teacher and a good education system. There were moments here and there in which things were a little shaky, however, overall it was very enjoyable and I got a lot of experience getting involved with after school programs.
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