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La Crescent-Hokah School District Reviews

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I like the small class size we used to have but recently they have started sweeping because of funding problems and budget cuts
At La Crescent High School, there are few opportunities for students that are looking to pursue a higher education. There are no AP classes, and very few college classes offered. However, there is still an opportunity for high school students to enroll in a Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program. Personally, I took this route and was able to receive college credits while still attending high school. I think this is a beneficial option for the majority of high school students and should have more of an emphasis in future years.
At La Crescent Hokah School district, I really enjoyed the personal connection that some teachers made with their students. When I came to these teachers for help, they would never push me to the side. These teachers also strived to make their class fun and exciting. If I could change anything about this school, I would change the behaviors of some of the students. Especially in the current 2017-2018 school year, we have dealt with a lot of bullying. Fortunately, some of the groups that I am involved in have taken steps to combat bullying, so I hope this will change in the future years.
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I would like to see more improvements made on the school and a more spirited environment. Our elementary school especially needs a lot of work done. Kids spend 8 hours a day at school, it should be a safe, clean, and fun environment.
La Crescent-Hokah School district is full of many passionate and caring people. The teachers take their time and make sure that every student is offered all opportunities that the school has to offer and is a great place to grow up and to raise a family.
Although La Crescent has many problems with their school including not having enough money for a lot of things, their academics is one of the best in the area. The school spirit is poor, but when all of your sports have been terrible for the last many years besides cross country, you can't expect too much. The administration is very senseless and does absolutely nothing to improve the school. They spend their money on non-important things and seem to be making all the wrong decisions to better the school. The structure of the school is falling apart and students are starting to be not ready to be on their own and support themselves. Above all of the things that are wrong, the education is above-par and you do learn a lot. Many of the students receive an above normal score on their ACT despite the many things wrong with the school.
I began going to Hokah School district in the 8th grade up to my senior year and I have to say as a new person coming into the school district, the teachers and students are very inviting. The high school it stayed the same there is a club for everyone I would be surprised if someone couldn't find one thing to get involved in , school spirit especially at football games, are amazing and the teachers were inviting and helpful ( some more then others) recently the school had cut a bunch of very excellent teachers, they either were fired or kicked into the middle school, the staff can be different every week. Our school dress code much varies I say on the level of the ladder, the more popular get away with much more, also the school has put us on a very tight leash, we are forced to stay in the lunch room until theirs only 10 mins before class, our senior prank day has been turned into a joke and faculty take jokes way to seriously.
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