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La Canada Unified School District Reviews

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The school has enough parent patrons to keep it up to date with the most high end technology and facilities. Sometimes, however, the money that is allotted does not always match up with the improvements that are truly needed—it's as if the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund the school are applied for "show" for the donors. The redeeming factor I found in La Canada was their High School theatre department, as some of the money does go towards the arts and it truly shows.
The LCUSD school district has a lot to offer. Although you might feel a bit excluded and stupid at times because you aren’t as smart as the rest of the kids, you soon realize that the school prepared you well for what’s to come (college).
Overall, the La Canada School district is very wealthy. Much of the parents went to these schools, so they donate loads of money. But the money is not spent wisely. This includes buying speakers for assemblies as opposed to buying tissues for teachers so they don't have to buy them out of their pocket. The school difficulty is hard and very competitive. If you are not a 4.0 GPA student, you are looked down upon amongst friends, teachers and peers. The school environment is toxic because of this. Pressure on children to get good grades take a toll unlike no other. Although competitive, it has its ups and downs.
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It is a brilliant school with a tight knit community and great academics. Everyone finds a friend group that they can connect with and study with.
The dedication to helping students improve not only their grades, but overall well-being is what mostly stands out about the district. There have been days where they randomly hand out candy, or leave notes on lockers, it all goes to show that they put in an effort to improve the well-being and success of students.
This school is a great environment for learning and the faculty is great but here is a huge drug and alcohol problem at this school that needs to be dealt with ASAP.
Though I have been given countless opportunities through my district, they have also failed their students in many ways, such as support their personal health. Yes there have been pushes for late starts and challenging success, but they have failed to shed light on keeping yourself mentally healthy. It’s like they are missing a piece in the puzzle.
The administration is lacking and the teachers are sub-par. The main reason it is ranked high is since parents can afford private tutors. Avoid this school if there are other options. It is more of a private school than a public school.
Most of the staff is very nice and the education is great. Students in elementary schools receive a good foundation for entering high school, and most students are prepared.
As an alumni to La Canada High school, I have nothing but good things to say about it. I received a top notch education and was very prepared for my college experience. Staff and students were attentive and approachable which made my entire High School experience unforgettable.
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