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Although Kutztown is very welcoming and safe, there is little diversity and most of the teachers do not prepare students in any way and do not proficiently teach what they are supposed to. This has impeded the ability to learn certain subjects due to there being a lack of teaching. Everyone in a class could fail a test and the "teacher" will not do anything to fix it.
beautiful campus. some of the nicest people. the food changes constantly. you have to have a delicate palate to enjoy their meals. the campus is really big and their is much to see. their are plenty of outside merchants and stores to see and partake.
I loved everything about Kutztown. It is a beautiful campus and has amazing professors. The professors do everything to help you when you are struggling. They will help you themselves or find a tutor to help you. I would recommend this University to anyone who is looking to go to college. There is not anything I would change about it.
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Kutztown High School is the best because the teachers truly care about the students and have prepared them for the real world by integrating technology into the curriculum through the one-to-one program with Apple.
Most of the teachers really care about their students-- which is sometimes hard to find with such a small school. Nice atmosphere. Sometimes lacking some of the bigger school benefits such as lots of unique clubs to chose from, more classes, and even better teachers. All around, nice place to grow up and go to school.
I liked the school because it gave me motivation to get out and not get stuck in my small town. I would say that overall Kutztown is very average. I got the classic high school experience but on a smaller more secluded scale.
It has been an average experience with a few exceptional teachers along the way. It’s an okay environment with little diversity, and passionate clubs.
Kutztown was not diverse. Also, teachers were not very passionate about their jobs, and therefore they did not really prepare the students well for college.
The administration really cares about the students and are willing to put funding where the students are going to use it to their benefit the most. Many of the teachers though are subpar and should be replaced with more caring and competent educators
Kutztown Area High School fully prepared me for college. As I look back on my time there I realized that the teachers were fully there to help prepare us for what college would really be like. I truly appreciated that as I went to school 5 hours away from the small town I grew up in.
The school district is rather small. It is a safe school district. The staff is nice but I feel that the students are not receiving the best education they can. As well as their technology needs updating
Graduate from 2006. At the time, the student body was very closeminded. The sports programs were very one-sided. However, things have changed, and the community is slowly waking up. Visiting the campus has brought me pride as I see the resources are being properly managed, and the school looks great. The local opinion has shifted in its favor.
Throughout my experience in this school district, I have witnessed the shifting of teachers and principles frequently (mainly in high school). Despite this, I feel as though I have grown as a person through my education and my interactions with others. There were many course options available for me to enjoy my day, and further my education. The only reason why I cannot give this district 5 stars is simply because I feel as though there is a lack of motivation for some of the teachers that I had to teach. This lack of motivation occasionally affected me, making me question why I had to care about the busywork I was completing when the teacher would simply glance at it to see if it was completed.
My son currently goes to Kutztown school district and they have been excellent with communication. I receive letters from his school on a daily basis telling me of his progress or if he is having any issues in a certain area.
I like that the teachers are really dedicated to helping each student try their hardest and strive for their best. The guidance counselors also help students to feel more comfortable in high school, especially when it comes to choosing classes and applying to colleges. Plus, the principals are role models for how we should always do our best and make good decisions.
I loved the music program at this school. There were also many teachers who were willing to take any steps to help their students learn. The new renovations make school much more functional and clean.
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