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Kuna Joint School District Reviews

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I loved this school district! The teachers were so helpful and inspirational. A lot of them are the reason I want to become a teacher!
Going to Kuna was great it was really fun I made a lot of lifelong friends and learned a lot. There a many extracurricular activities that you can be a part of and the academics are high quality.
I loved Kuna! I loved how much the teachers care about your success. I am currently a senior at KHS, and have gone here since Kindergarten. I have always been a responsible student and gotten good grades, and the teachers and environment of Kuna is a main part of that. I have also been involved in sports ever since I was 4. The sports in Kuna are very inclusive and the coaches are great!
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There are so many different clubs and it is not hard to make friends. There is a place for everyone.
This is a very good district for people who want to study and be good in academics and sports. This can also be good for parents to get involved in activities.
I have liked the community of Kuna for the years I have attended, but will only tell a few. The people of Kuna come together to accomplish amazing feats such as fundraising for our peers and making sure that one another is succeeding with peer tutoring. We help each other and care for each other. The teachers of Kuna ID are amazing and love all of their students. Most of the students attending Kuna School District enjoy learning and participating in school activites, clubs, etc. Not all students adore education and need help pursuing their futures. Kuna allows their students to have the opportunity of graduating with college degrees and experience in almost any field. They prepare us for the future and encourage us along the way.
The Kuna School district has a lot of Heart. The teachers care deeply about their students and want to see them succeed. Despite being underfunded it still manages to achieve in academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. It would be nice to see the administration of the Kuna School District do more for it's teachers though. From my perspective The teachers and general staff of the Kuna School District goes unnoticed and under appreciated every year.
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