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I enjoyed the extra curricular activities, but the academics were lacking. There was no challenge in any of the word assigned to us and teachers gave months past a due date to turn something in. There was no structure.I did not feel prepared for college at all.
Krum Independent School District is known for having issues regarding nepotism and a few other scandals, however the overall staff is incredible and extremely resourceful.
The school itself was very encouraging towards students, in the since that there aren't a lot of dropouts in my class. My class is made up of 140+ students so there aren't very many of us anyways. While being in the school you will see there aren't many cliques around. You can see band people hanging out with football players and cheerleaders hanging out with the "nerds", this gives the school an extreme advantage to other school in the area. The school is also very small which can be a good thing and a bad thing, good to where you know everyone and bad to where you know everyone. everyone knows you and what you do at school.
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I love Krum, it's a great place to go to school. Everybody knows everybody and all the teachers know every face they see in the hallway. One thing I would like to see changed though is school spirit, compared to other schools, we lack in this area.
Krum is a well-rounded town that has a great school district.
All of the teachers genuinely care about each and every student and are there to help educate the kids. You can tell they enjoy their job and want to be there. Krum ISD excels in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities including band, clubs, agriculture, etc. Not only the school district is safe, but the whole town is. Comradery and familiarity is a part of this small town. At the middle school and high school, there are a variety of electives to choose from. The whole town is very supportive of all of the sports events. Great place!
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