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Kokomo-Center Township Consolidated School Corporation Reviews

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As a student I often times didn't feel safe and I feel like the school is lacking in today's technology and is overall "behind the times"
Decent school corporation. I would like to see more programs offered for those children that need extra help with specific subject.
I went to Kokomo Center Schools for k-12. I had amazing opportunities such as AP courses in high school. High School credit opportunities in middle school. Now they have more defined middle schools such as a technology academy and Arts education which I believe it is very important. However, I do feel like they need to work on teacher communication with students and parents.
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For the most part, my time at Kokomo has been filled with nothing kit excellent experiences. The level of education I have received and the support for the positions in which that education has put me has really been so valuable. I am proud to attend a school so ready to support its students when they are offered incredible opportunities.
I enjoyed my high school years at kokomo highschool. They helped you take classes you were interested in for a future career. They had a good volcational school that had programs also for a future career. They offered college ready classes and some that would count as a college credit. Teachers and adminstration were always kind and helpful when you had a problem. There were several sports and clubs to choose from. No one i knew ever had any problems. I would recommend this school to others in the area!
For the most great school corporation and there are some things that could be better but that is with every school corporation!
I really enjoyed attending Kokomo High School. They have a lot of opportunities there, such as Kokomo Area Career Center. Which allows you to start looking for jobs you're interested in while still in High School. It allowed me to get scholarships for college also! All of the staff is very supportive also which helps out a lot.
Kokomo Schools are one of the best in the Nation. The academic options are limitless starting will Elementary students and the opportunity to be involved in The Arts, Technical or International programs that they offer. I had the opportunity to be involved in the International Program for three years and was involved in a lot of group and ethnic activities. I also Took a Marketing class at our Career Center which encouraged me to look farther in Education in this field. Some of our teachers are outstanding in their caring and teaching ability. I had the opportunity to be involved in Baseball, Basketball and Soccer with Kokomo Schools and had great coaches and athletic personnel. I have also had the chance to be involved in many clubs and extra-curricular activities at KHS. Overall, Kokomo Center Schools are supreme in what they have to offer to Kokomo Students.
The thing I really appreciate about Kokomo High School is the wide diversity of classes they provide. The AP classes are the classes are appreciate and enjoy the most because it challenges me daily on the work and prepares me for the real world and college. The teachers in those classes have a passion for what they teach which in the long run helps spread the motivation for us to learn what they are teaching.
I am very fond of Kokomo School Corporation however, I feel like with the large amount of students at the schools it is easy for students to "fall through the cracks". Many students require special needs attention or extra "jumpstart" help but with the ratio of students to teachers these type of resources are very difficult for a student or parent to find.
I have been going to schools within the Kokomo-Center Township Consolidated School Corporation. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the schools I have been to and feel blessed to go to a school corporation with a multitude of different programs and opportunities. I have been enrolled in the KEY program, the International Baccalaureate school, and the Kokomo Area Career Center. I feel that by being part of these various programs I have ultimately become a better, more well-rounded student and person. I feel extremely prepared for college as well as my future career thanks to the effort that has been put into these programs by the Kokomo School Corporation.
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