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In seventh grade, I was asked to define my dream university. Looking around at my classmates, who planned (and still intend to) major in engineering or neuroscience, I felt the shame of individualism. Mustering some semblance of middle school courage, I answered with the truth- design school. Now, looking back at a girl who wanted to peer over at her friend’s computer in hopes of finding what she was “supposed” to answer, confidence has championed shame.
This dilemma did not fade into the distance immediately as I had hoped. Going into highschool, I ignored my passion for the arts. I treated it as everyone said I should: a hobby. I labored in math and science, sure that passion could be forced- or at the very least, ignored.
Senior year, I proudly announced that I would be majoring in photography, living in New York, and committing to a rigorous career that takes dedication and tenacity to succeed.
My experience with the Kohler School District has been fantastic. Ever since kindergarten, I've been able to walk to school and engage in many different types of worthwhile opportunities from academics to athletics. The teachers and staff are committed and very knowledgeable. They truly care about the students and their dedication is shown through the success of nearly every student that walks through the halls at Kohler. With great resources and a passionate administration, the Kohler School District is one of the best institutions that one can attend.
I liked the closeness to my peers and I and that the class sizes were small and intimate so you could go in for extra help when necessary.
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I liked how the teachers were always there for me. It was very much like a community, and the teachers were friends with everyone.
Kohler is a small school. Teachers and staff members are incredibly nice and helpful. Athletics aren't the best but it's getting there. Everyone is nice and caring.
Kohler school district is a very welcoming and warm environment for students of all ages. Because of this school I have learned more than I thought I was able to. Along with that I have made amazing memories and friends that I will value forever.
The thing I loved most about Kohler is the academics. Kohler is one of the top high schools in the country, and while it is challenging, you learn so much as a student are by the time you leave, are more than ready for college. It is hard to leave however, as all the students and staff members know one another and are all friends. And the Blue Bomber pride could not be any better! There isn't much I would like to see change beside the amount of activities and opportunities offered to the school. Sometimes, it just doesn't seem like there is something for everyone, but most of the time there is. Overall, my experience at Kohler was wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Students and Teachers can be pompous at times. The school does offer an amazing education and lots of extracurricular opportunities, however.
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