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Knoxville Community Unit School District No. 202 Reviews

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Knoxville School District 202 is a great school district with amazing staff in each of the school levels. Everyone is grateful to have the wonderful new building and facilities to work in.
I just graduated from Knoxville High School this year and am entering college in the fall. The teachers and academics all helped ready me for my future college career. I enjoyed my experience at Knoxville High School. I was in sports all four years, with football and mostly track. The teachers go above and beyond with their help and concern for our excellence. I will always hold Knoxville High School to high regard.
Being a student at Knoxville High school has made me a better person because of my surroundings. I have been challenged academically, mentally, and physically by faculty, peers, and coaches. The community aspect that Knoxville has gives the school a great amount of safety. I wish sometimes the acadmemics would be more advanced, but for how small the school is they do an excellent job.
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The new facility is nice and the sports are above average. Need more diversity. The teachers have been there a long time so turnover would be nice. The food is good since it is home made. I would like to see more college classes offered to prepare me for college. My freshman year I took a Carl Sandburg English class and I think it prepared me for harder English classes. The math classes were a struggles for me however, I had a study group that helped me get through the year. I will value my time in Knoxville and I look forward to moving back to the area following my college years.
I love the small town experience. My teachers are very approachable and willing to work with students and put in extra time to make them successful.
Knoxville has been a great place to grow up in, and Knoxville Schools provide great opportunities for the student. Though it is a smaller school with limited resources already available for students, the administration works very hard to make ideas of the students possible for everyone if students are willing to do the work. Because of its size, Knoxville is not a very diverse town and it reflects in its schools. This is slowly but surely changing with time, but overall the school is able to provide many extracurricular activities for the student body with interesting and challenging academic courses online and in a classroom. Further, the high school itself is a brand-new building with beautiful facilities that will benefit the community and its members for many years to come.
I graduated from Knoxville High School in 2014. I was in the top ten percent of my class and was a very driven, and motivated individual. I was always craving to be challenged and learn more. Knoxville's staff did exactly that for me. I formed a close connection with all of my teachers and coaches. Knoxville was lacking in class diversity and didn't offer any AP classes. They offered one Dual credit class. I think this could be improved for future students.
I liked how many of the teachers are eager to help students grasp the concept of what they are being taught and how they are available before and after school. However, a few of the teachers are hard to understand with the way that they teach resulting in the student not knowing how to approach the subject they are being taught.
Juniors and seniors should be more respected and treated as adults if we are expected to become them when we graduate. Teacher's for the most part, are great and are available for help when needed. However, I believe the current day education is a mess and needs improvment.
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