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Knoxville Community School District Reviews

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KCSD has a sense of community spirit. Teachers strive to make their classrooms the most interactive as possible and they are always updating curriculum.
My time in Knoxville community school district has been mixed. You see a school culture that is very average, and I think perhaps this is the school's greatest shortcoming. An attitude of mediocrity is tangible in the air of our school. I feel if students were made more aware of their resources as well as impressing the lasting effects of their performance in school, perhaps these issues could be remedied.
Knoxville is a smaller school but that means everyone knows who you are and you know who they are. That being said, teachers take extra steps to secure each individuals education. They are not just trying to get you out of school they are truly preparing you for your next step after you graduate.
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I think Knoxville schools are okay, but lack diversity and positivity. I would like to see the quality of the schools treatment improve, and I would like to see more performance arts activities/organizations.
This school system is the only system I have ever gone to. 95% of the teachers truly care if we succeed. The coaches here are pretty awesome. The fine arts program is really awesome too.
Knoxville CSD is a place where all staff truly believe that all students can learn at high levels. The teaching staff is amazing at the high school.
Knoxville High School is a very biased place to go to school at and I would not recommend anyone to attend.
My experience at Knoxville High School had some low and high points. The administration at the school was very poor and did not have respect for their students. While the teachers cared about the students and their future success. The sport teams at Knoxville only cared about men sports and did not give all students an opportunity to show their potential they only cared about the parents that have money to support their team.
I really enjoy the community and the atmosphere, I really like the way that most of the school system and teachers really show they care about you and your education, they aren't just there to have a job, they actually care.
Knoxville is a small school where everybody knows everybody. It has a "homey" feeling to it. The teachers want to see you succeed.
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