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I would like there to be an improvement with school food. I do like how positive the school culture is most of the time.
The school here is ot bad but it does have a few flaws. I'm new to this county. The teachers here are very attentive to students. The style of learning is very well. The conditions here are not that bad but not the best.
Knox county schools has great academics and a great culture. The teachers really care about the students, although some of the rules are over the top and unnecessary.
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Knox County schools has prepared me well for college. I feel that most teachers are committed to students and providing the best education possible. I do feel there Is too much emphasis on standardized testing and meeting some state requirement that takes away from the necessary individual learning the classroom needs.
My experience in the Knox County School system has been incredibly varied. I have participated in official school sports, robotics, lead a club, and mentored special needs children. I am confident in my assertion that Knox County, on average, is one of the best school systems in the state, having good teachers, facilities, activities, and a healthy learning environment.
Knox County Schools as a whole represents a very diverse group of people from many different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Through my time with Knox County Schools, I always had my fair share of complaints to make, but not only did I realize that they were never as bad as I would hear about from other school systems, but I also found that any serious issues were handled quickly and efficiently by the administration. In going through Knox County Schools, I feel that I've been given opportunities that may not have been provided everywhere else, but I also feel that I really had to put effort in to make things happen. I didn't feel like things were handed to me just because I was in a privileged school system, but I didn't feel like it was impossible to accomplish anything either. Overall, I would say that my experience has been positive, and I think most people can expect to say the same.
The district tries their best, but the school I attend does not meet the greatest standings.

The academics are average, because most kids that go through my school are thrown into classes they do not need to be in. A lot of kids are put into Honors or AP, when they typically do not belong. My school only does this for money, and not for the better of the students.
My high school year I was lucky enough to be one of 127 students accepted into Career Magnet Academy @ Pellissippi. Its funny to say but we all called ourselves the "guinea pigs" of CMA because we were the first students to attend this school. The school is one-to-one meaning it provides students with laptops and had the main focus of college and career readiness. We often took field trips to real-world businesses to experience what it was like to work in those environments. At CMA the students' junior year the experience what we called "going upstairs". This is where if you met the pre-requisite requirements you had the opportunity to leave the high school, which was in the basement, and attend the college upstairs. I was lucky enough to be one of many students to attend two years of college early and graduated with 47 college credit hours. I believe that schools such as Career Magnet Academy @ Pellissippi should be opened all over the country to give students that extra step.
There are a large amount of clubs/sports/activities offered. The food, however, is just not good. While my school is very diverse, there are still a great number of schools in Knox County that are not at all. Each school has a “type” rather than just being an inclusive, diverse school.
I attend the best school in the county. Farragut High School is a stellar school that focuses on safety, college prep, athletic opportunities and inclusion of all students. The county overall is a good one, but FHS exceeds the standards set by Knox County. My ratings are based on FHS because that is what I am familiar with.
My experience with Knox County Schools, for the most part, was charming. I've been with Knox County schools since 2nd grade ('07-'08 school year) and while there were some down moments, I would not leave the district because of it. The one thing, however, I would like to see change is how schools can get their students active and engaged because it's about the kids.
The community involvement in Knox County Schools is incredible. It is clearly apparent that Knoxville supports its students and their ambitions. In contrast. I believe that administration places more emphasis on football than any other program.
What I like about Knox county Schools is that it offers many things for students to do.... I don't like that it not very diverse in student population.
Well to begin with no one downtown actually knows how to manage a school distric and they waste all the money in the budget on useless administrators instead of fixing the schools, paying teachers better, and hiering new teacher.
It was great! I have really enjoyed me experience overall! The academics have been great to prepare me for college.
I love being a student in Knox County, especially the Gibbs community. It is a very loving and supportive place to be. I wouldn’t change anything about it.
I am currently a Senior at Central High School in Knox county and i love it here. The teachers are great and very helpful, if you are struggling they will help you and give you 1 on 1 time as well as set up tutoring sessions. The administration is very good at scheduling the best classes and making sure you are on course to graduate. The sports and sports facilities here are top class as well. The coaches care more about grades then the actually sport and make sure all the players are fed and taken care of. It's like one big family
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I like snow days . Even if there is no snow Knox county will make sure that all kids in the county can travel safely if not all schools will be closed . I like the competition level of sports. I love that my school allows FCA ( fellowship of christian athletes ) to be present . I have went to Almost every meeting since freshman year .
What I dislike about know county schools I dislike that there are so many failing schools in the county . I dislike how some schools have work done yearly to their buildings and my school is falling apart and no one seems to give a crap . I wish there were more academic programs . I dislike that we get very little help on college planning or help from school . I will attend a four year college starting in the fall of 2019 . Oh last but not least school lunch is terrible, if I forget to pack lunch, I'd rather starve than eat at school.
Knox County Schools undoubtedly have some of the best public educational facilities in East Tennessee. There are so many educators who teach their students with passion. It goes beyond pulling words out of a textbook or from informational websites. Many teachers truly make an effort to form strong connections with their students. However, the Knox County Schools system has its flaws. Financial distribution among schools seems to be very uneven despite efforts to level the playing field. For example, football is a very prevalent athletic sport in Tennesee and especially in high schools. However, this makes other sports teams feel neglected and feel as if they have to fend for themselves when it comes to money. Other types of athletes usually do not have the same/best facilities or equipment compared to football teams.
If I’m honest past elementary school I don’t
Really have a positive view. Halls Elementary was the best school experience I’ve ever had with teachers that cared so much for every student but as I said after elementary school the levels of care for students went much lower. Knox county has made large strides in my later years of school but still could improve in many ways. The student teacher relationships could be valued much more and a more focused academic approach with a better emphasis towards going to college.
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