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They only seem to care about getting money. Student safety is never a concern for them.In the athletics department they only care about the football team.All of the other sports are left to dry.A lot of the facility does not care about the students learning,they are only concerned with there pay check.The food there is almost inedible, lots of kids go hungry because they refuse to eat the slop they are being fed.
The school provides what you may need but our school could improve on hiring more teachers so the classes could be smaller.
Overall Good school could use improvements but that is to be expected. Some of the areas that require the most improvement would be the safety and facilities
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The people at the school are kind but the quality of the education provided needs much improvement. I do not think I will miss the school much when I graduate but I know some of my fellow students will.
Knox County has a good school system. Good teachers and administrators. If I could chance one thing about our school, it would be to have more dual credit classes.
One thing I like about Knox central high school is that if you need help with any school work most teachers are willing to help. One thing I would like to see change is to put in study hall for a class.
Knox County schools have great teachers that work with students to help them prepare for their futures!
The VERY BEST school system I have ever witnessed. Has the most caring and active faculty and staff in the state of Kentucky. Tons of programs offered. Family community type of school culture. Very accepting and uplifting of students. No discrimination nor prejudice.
I like that you can have the freedom to do whatever and dress however you want. The biggest problem is that some students that go are very disruptive and it seems like the teachers can not control their actions.
I have been in Knox County Public Schools all of my life, I have found many positive, but also negative things about KCPS. Some of the positive things I would like to address would be: the friendly staff, the no student left behind policy, the free lunches (Although the food isn't too great), and the fact that in the years 2015-16 two schools became a distinguished school. Now some of the negatives I would like to address would be: there's a small bullying problem, many teachers don't rally care for the students, and the Common Core curriculum. Overall I am proud to say that I went to Knox County Public Schools.
Well I started off in middle school and it was utterly awful. I was always a good kid where I came from in Florida but here I got in trouble for being confused one day in class. I hated every day of middle school and I was lucky I only had one year of it until highschool. High-school was completely different though. I loved my high-school experience for all it's ups and downs. I would like to see a more real world experience being taught. Like as if the students were to be expected at a certain age to be more responsible. Also, the middle school needs a new building and revamped disciplinary system.
I was raised in the Knox County School system. I attended elementary, middle, and high school there. Looking back on my experiences there, I am glad that I got to attend such a great school system. From the teachers to the atmosphere of the learning environment, the schools had the best to offer. I owe all of my success to the Knox County Schools and I would not be where I am today without them.
I love Knox central high it's a awesome school and the experience is great such a loving family and students me as a senior know I don't want to leave a great school....
Knox Central is a great school. The teachers are real personable and seem to really care that you do well in their class and in school in general. The sports teams are usually ranked best in the region. We have a lot of personalities in the school. For a school to have so many students it feels like a small school. Everyone there is like a family. The principals really interact with the students and truly gets to know the students at the school and try to find the best way to handle to students individually. All in all it is a pleasant experience to attend Knox Central High School.
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