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This school has many things to offer, from interesting clubs to a friendly environment. This school dedicates much of its time to preparing students for college.
My experience, I would say, is very different from most students just because of my situation. I am in my third year at KHS and this year I am homeschooled through the school corporation due to health issues, so I have been continuing my studies from home. What I did not like about the school when I attended was the student to teacher ratio. In some classes I would have thirty other classmates crammed into a classroom and having to make room other kids. My biggest issue though is how they deal with health issues especially with severe ones, I don't think they should be handled as lightly as they are in this school. The one thing I loved about being in this school was the spirit of game days and just the sporting events themselves/.
My entire life, I have lived in Knox and attended the school corporation located here. I love Knox Community School Corporation because my teachers have prepared me to a safe atmosphere to ask question so that I will be ready to college in the fall. In addition, I have played varsity volleyball my entire high school career. The one thing that I would want to see in the future is that KHS helps all sports, not just the football program.
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Here at Knox Community High School everyone helps everyone for the most part. Teachers and faculty are always there to help someone in need. There aren't many fights here as everyone is pretty close. The facility is usually spotless, the janitors do a great job of cleaning up any mess that's been made. Also, teachers care about you here. They want to see you succeed and do something with your life.
Knox Community School Corporation is about average to above average itself. The school is a great place to learn, one of the better schools in the region. Our sports are really competitive and the academics get your ready for the world.
Knox Community School Corporation overall can rack up enough credit to have an average rating. To the state, it's a 4-star school, but to its students, it is not that. All while the academics, safety, preparedness, and facilities are pretty great... Other things are not. There's a handful of teachers who don't teach or refuse to help the students when in need. Some even scold the students for not understanding things. Knox offers a poor selection of clubs, there are roughly 3 clubs to choose from. As far as activities go, there is about the same amount as there are clubs. I feel like they could offer more than what they are. Their food choices are poor. There's plenty of things Knox School Corporation could improve on, but overall it's average.
The academics were great and the staff tried hard to help students keep their GPA up. The principle should lay back a little on charging students for every fun activity.
It was good I love it here and Ive met so many good people. I have met a lot of a good teachers who take their time to make sure that I and other students understand what is going on in class and they help insure that we all have a beneficial and healthy relationship.
I find that Knox county schools are very segregated. As in they separate themselves into their own little groups which in turn makes it very difficult for new students to get to know everyone because nobody gives them a chance.
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