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Knippa Independent School District Reviews

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Wonderful and safe environment. Family atmosphere which provides close knit relationships with teachers and staff.
This school has a very high standard in education and has very good and helpful staff members. everyone is very welcoming and the teachers are very brilliant and teach various amount of different methods to let the student understand the concept. this school have many smart student and teachers.
Knippa Independent School District has many high-caliber educators who do their absolute best to ascertain that each and every student gets the best education possible. The school is very small, however, and as a result, the amount of extracurricular activities available to students is not very diverse, including virtually nothing aside from sports and UIL academic events. The atmosphere imposed on the students by the administration can be very oppressive to some students, although this problem has gotten better recently. The facilities are relatively low-quality, with only one restroom in the primary high school and middle school building. This restroom does not have functioning toilets. Overall, it is entirely the teachers and the quality of education which they provide that makes this school great for academic pursuits, however, for those seeking a full high school experience, I would not recommend Knippa ISD.
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Although a very challenging school district, Knippa has been able to expand the knowledge of many people who attend the school by becoming a collegiate high school. The one thing I would like to see change within the school would be student spirit and moral, the vigorous school work does not allow student to show spirit.
HONEST REVIEW.If you are looking for a school that is preparing young people to get academically ready for college, Knippa is the answer. School culture is not the best because everyone has their own group. Students are socially impaired and don't know how to actually converse with others. Teachers are excellent in working with the students to achieve their goals. The language teacher is incompetent and inefficient to teach. She had too many roles which interfered her ability to lead a classroom. Students agree that there is no freedom. Students cannot wear clothes untucked. This rule infuriates students; boys and girls alike. Knippa HS is more like a private school than a public school. The school has tried to remedy the fact with the students’ restrictions in having activities and events but these events are even monitored. In regards to sports many of the athletes are disconnected. There is no sense of family or togetherness with the athletic community at the school.
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