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The district is wonderful. Klein ISD offers a great variety of extracurricular activities and clubs to join. There are many unique classes offered that are geared towards specific career pathways as well as programs that allow students to jumpstart their college education and/or future jobs. Every high school student is assigned a laptop that they take home to do classwork on in contrast to paper homework, preparing kids more for a college/general workplace atmosphere. Klein is also one of the pioneers in the CTE realm, with superintendents all across the nation coming to tour the high schools. Every child is celebrated, and every teacher in my experience is committed to the District slogan: That each child enters with a promise and exits with a purpose. I personally have loved my time in Klein ISD and have been offered many great opportunities to make my schooling enjoyable and worthwhile!
There are way too many kids that go there. The teachers aren't able to give each student the attention they should have. Going from class to class was a nightmare because people didn't know how to walk, they would stop in the middle of the halls and cause everyone else to go around them. The only aspect I enjoyed was th FFA program.
My experience with Klein ISD is really good because I started going to school with Klein in elementary all the way through high school
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I like the community feel of Klein ISD. It is very welcoming and it challenges students. I honestly would not change districts if given an option. Klein would be my first choice. Although, some changes that I would like to see are the new movements towards critical thinking learning and to not base all grades to be a performance checker.
My experience with Klein ISD has been wonderful. I’ve always been and still currently am in the Klein district. They are always trying their hardest to make sure their students are safe and that they’re getting the education they deserve. I wouldn’t change a thing!
I have attended the Klein School District since kindergarten. I have had a diversity in the quality of teachers and staff. But one thing has remained a constant, everyone needs more safety in the school environment. As public schools are more vulnerable to attacks, break ins, or natural disasters we need to have more lessons on how to prepare for danger in and out of school.
The teachers are invested in their students. The clubs and organizations are great. The sports are fun to watch and there is great school Spirit.
Its great school . Teachers care about students and there are plenty of hard working young adults .
Klein High school was the best thing that ever happened to me coming from a dangerous city living through the struggle.The people were great and the staff helped me overcome so much and helped me become the man I am now.
I have spent 12 years in the Klein ISD school district and I can truly and honestly say that it did help me build the path I’m going to be going down for the rest of my life. Granted, there are things that could’ve be different over the years but overall, it was a very good district to have a good education in.
KISD has amazing teachers. They care about their students and they look forward to seeing you in class each and every day.
I would like the teachers to be more available for extra help. Also some of the coaches need some assistance in how to run a team.
Some of the teachers went out of there way to make learning an amazing experience. The school has a very large social network and lots of opportunities for extracurricular activities.
I'am so excited to have been a part of the Klein Independent School District. I like that all my teachers find a way to help me succeed whether is completing missing assignments or doing extra credit. There were some days that I will get home and cry because I felt like everyone was staring at me and talking about me for being short, so I feel like K.I.S.D. should make students feel like they don't have to stress out anymore of feel like they're the victims of bullying.
I went to Klein High School for four years and I loved every bit of it. The amount of clubs and extracurricular activities keep the student body interested and entertained all year round. They do a good job with constantly expanding and adding new features to their school in order to create an unforgettable experience. If I could change one thing about Klein, I wouldn’t. Klein ISD is the best school district that I’ve been to, and I hope they continue to push their students and staff to be the greatest. Ole Hail Klein High!
I attended a school within the Klein ISD all throughout 12th grade. While some teachers you could clearly tell did not like their jobs and hated being there just as much as the kids did, there were also a lot of teachers that really loved what they did. They were always willing to help me if I needed before/after school tutoring and worked around my drill team schedule.
I went to Klein Forest High School and Klein Collins. Both were okay. Klein Forest definitely needed to be improved, but they are getting new building right now, which is great. Food needs big improvement. My first year there was okay, but it went downhill my second year. My sister told me after that, food got even worse. Maybe the district or the school need to take a look at what kind of food they are offering their students because these students are our future generation.
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The variety of classes you can take are sure to have something to peak the interest of everyone. However some teachers aren’t the best, which can be expected from someone in anything, but some of them here seem to have no interest in what they are teaching and/or children; which is obviously not ideal for a TEACHER, even if we are high schoolers and not technically “children”. Overall it’s not the worst experience or place in general, but there are factors that can aggravate some people to the point in which I have heard people wanting to drop out and go to online school because they were so fed up with those certain factors.
Klein district schools helped me advance scholastically through precise teaching and support. I graduated with a 4.1 GPA because my teachers believed in me and pushed me to succeed.
As a students at Klein Collins High School, I could not picture my high school experience any different. Everyone for the most part is involved in some club or activity. Being a part of the Dance Team, National Honor Society, and other clubs, I have made so many friends. Although Klein ISD is a very small suburban district, where everyone knows each other from elementary school it is a community that can come together and have a good time. Football and family is a strong asset in Klein, Texas, but that's what makes high school so memorable. In Klein ISD you know at least one person from the other four high schools. The district does a great job communicating with students and offers many program to keep the community stride for the best.
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