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Klamath County School District Reviews

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Klamath County School District is a lovely District. Especially EagleRidge High School, it shows a what America is really about, diversity and acceptance. The district is also well known for the agricultural science and Klamath Community College's nursing program is spectacular. The only problem with the district in a whole sense is that it has a bullying problem for most of the schools. However they have begun to take great care to stop this from continuing or starting once more.
Great School but kinda slow on getting information out etc. Small classrooms, teachers are good at communicating.
My time in the Klamath county school district has been very positive. The staff and administration is great and they really support all clubs and athletics. I hope my children go to a district with this kind of love and passion for learning.
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May valuable in the areas of science and STEM&M courses. Able to be involved in numerous community volunteer activities/projects and in leadership.
Teachers are caring, they enable all students to strive for success. One thing they could improve on is the appearance/cleanliness throughout the schools.
I really like how each teacher tries their very best for every individual student at the school. Wanting them to succeed and graduate. I would like to see the policies more enforced for safety reasons.
The Klamath County offers good schools, I never attended the bigger school though, I do know that the smaller schools are much better though, because there will be more help available.
Klamath County Schools takes small problems and makes them a huge problem. They say they aren't targeting any specific issues or people but it's obvious they do.
The school has an exorbitant amount of school spirit that make all of the sports events amazing. They also offer multiple college classes and the teachers are always willing to help students.
This is a very good district for people who want to study and be good in academics and sports. This can also be good for parents to get involved in activities.
I feel that I was very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to attend school in the Klamath County School District for all twelve years of my education. The way the school district runs the schools allows them to all be their own type of school as well as having a standard that the school must live up to. As we have advanced as a country, I have also seen an advancement in the schooling system within Klamath County. The importance of the overall health of not only the students but the faculty as well has increased tremendously especially since the establishment of the Blue Zone Project. As for changes I wish to see within the School District, it would be nice to see more funding put into the courses offered in high schools and allowing for more electives rather than the typical core classes. I believe it is important for students to learn the core curriculum as well as life skills which is hard to do when there is no home-ec class or no finance class.
I enjoy the ease of access it provides! There are many resourses to help him/her with their schools financial difficulties.
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