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Kiski Area is a great public school to attend with a good amount of diversity. Attending Kiski, you are for sure going to meet people and friends who have a mutual interest as you. They have community closest for anyone who needs help with clothes or you can apply for a discount in your lunches. One thing that needs to change though, is they need to have a few more classes that prepare you for college. Teach about loans, grant, checks, and managing money for the future. I highly recommend this school. We have great sports programs who continue to get better.
I have very much enjoyed my experience at Kiski Area High School. Being a senior, I have been in involved in almost every aspect of the district starting in elementary school. The teachers are very committed to their job and want what is best for their students. The other a lot of different clubs and activities so everyone can find where their interest lies. One thing I would change would be college readiness. A lot of other schools in the area offer internships and different programs specifically for high school seniors to navigate through the different career options. I believe Kiski should take part in that.
Kiski supplied me with a lot of good opportunities and set me up fairly well for colleges. The guidance department could use some help and they also need to prioritize spending. Millions were wasted on a new football field when there are plenty of other departments in the school that need the help more, such as the incredible music department.
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The students at Kiski are very accepting of everyone. We have just recently switched to a block schedule and it has allowed me to have more time in my art classes to finish projects. We also switched to making all classes honors classes and I do not agree with that. There are some students that should be able to be pushed at a faster pace and many other students that need the material to move at a slower pace.
I am involved in many sports at Kiski but with our new schedule it is very hard to have times in school for clubs. Colleges want to see you being involved in clubs and activities and I think this could hurt some of our students' chances to get some scholarships.
I get really good grades in school but I did not score well on the SAT tests and I hope that my school has prepared me for college.
My experience at Kiski Area School District has varied throughout the different school levels. My experience at the elementary level was fantastic. Administrators were very much focused on how they could better the lives of the students and oftentimes supported teachers who aimed to help students. The Intermediate School is a mess of sorts. Administration in the Intermediate School is constantly shifting which makes it a bit difficult for any sort of policy that pushes improvement to be set into motion. One's experience with the High School varies depending on what programs you are involved in. Those that are interested in subjects outside of Band, Football, Wrestling, Yearbook or the school musical might have a tough time having their interests supported but if you are interested in those subject you will have all the best resources available.
The teachers give out online assignments and sit on their phones for the period. The lunch food is getting worse by the day, my chicken patties are always either pink or burnt nowadays. The bathrooms are never clean. However, the teachers are extremely friendly. Everyone at the school is always prepared to lend a helping hand. The students gets involved in most of the school’s events, especially sporting events.
I have had a Great time and experience at Kiski Area School District. They have an amazing education system and great teachers. There are a lot of club, athletic and education options for every grade. They take great pride in the school and students. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.
This school was very nice and allowed me to go after my career by offering a VoTech Program for those who did not want to stay at the school all day and wanted a hands on or more challenging occupation
The school offered a very enriching experience. I feel adequately prepared for post secondary education. There are vast amounts of opportunities for students to learn and grow.
Kiski does not care about strengthening its advanced students. It is satisfied with each student being mediocre and only focused on if they meet the passing grade. They are incooperative with concerned parents and children and refuse to change their ways. The only notable things at Kiski are its music department and wrestling team.
two years ago my school moved to block scheduling overall i liked it but there were a lot of issues. This year they came up with CAV time which is a hour and a half in the middle of the day to go where you want, see your teachers, eat lunch, and talk with friends. I really enjoy CAV time it allows time for friends and homework.
I have had a good experience with the advanced placement courses, the overall teaching staff, and community involvement. I would change the ability range in the various elementary schools, how dark the intermediate school is, and how cold the high School building is.
Kiski Area High School is overall an academically good school, however what I would like to see change for this school is it’s diversity and different experiences. The school lacks energy and new ideas and I’d like to see it modernized.
Great classes and teachers. Many opportunities available to students. There are an array of different clubs, one for everyone. Great preparation for college.
Kiski Area is a school district unafraid of taking chances and embracing new ideas. Each school year has evolved into a greater academic experience, transitioning from traditional scheduling to block scheduling and allowing for students to be more flexible during the mid-day study hall. Despite the small errors that may inconvenience each individual school year, especially with the technical difficulties discovered with the transition to chrome books, but the improvements in education have been worth it.
There are great teachers and other staff members who seem to care. They’re not there just for a pay check.
Some of the teachers are extremely nice and then you have some who aren’t and they take every chance to get you and they’re really lazy I had this one teacher who literally got all of his tests, notes, and PowerPoints online. And I had this spanish teacher who is extremely nice and friendly and she works with you so you actually understand what she’s teaching
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It was a phenomenal experience to be a high school student at Kiski Area School District. I learned a lot while just trying to survive highschool
Kiski Area school district is focused on the success of their students however, they focus a lot more on athletics compared to other students. I had a math teacher this past year that would teach for five minutes and leave the room for the rest of the period.
Kiski Area has been a wonderful place to learn and grow, I have enjoyed my years there and all of the many opportunities I have been presented. The only thing I would change would be the athletic fasilities. I believe that they are outdated and do not meet the needs of female athletes. The teaching staff and classes are all up to date and helpful each and every day.
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