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I have been in KSD for 9 years now, its a great district for students that excel in sports and education. With great technology thats always up to date and great teachers you're bound to have a very impactful experience.
Everyone is comfortable at KHS, we have a ton of diversity, and everyone is welcome. Are schools are safe. We have so many programs we can choose from. The staff is wonderful. The PPO/PTO support us in so many ways. My parents went to school here too!
Strong school district. Well financed, it seems to have very strong schoolboard. The administration, has a positive approach to educating all students in their care. The faculty, has a very impressive graduate degree attainment. This to me speaks to the professionalism and success of the faculty.
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Kirkwood is a nice district that prepares you well for college. They start preparing you for college at a young age though, starting in seventh/eighth grade. The school on the surface is a suburban upper middle class that tries to create a sense of diversity. Academically it prepares you for your future, but not necessarily socially or culturally. They advocate for proper mental health awareness, but lack the resources to actually help students. Overall I gave the district a 4/5 for how far it has come since it first opened, but there are many other things to improve on.
I loved kirkwood! The teachers are amazing and extremely helpful. The school pushes you to do your very best and will not let you fail or fall behind.
Kirkwood is an amazing school district that offers so much to its students. Along with many faculty members with master degrees, there are also plenty of advance classes and lots of help for those who need it. I was able to go abroad twice at Kirkwood and it was absolutely wonderful. Truly a top notch education! However, the school is not as diverse as it could be.
I wasn't originally supposed to attend Kirkwood. I was initially supposed to be enrolled in the Riverview School district, yet my family found out that the district was unaccredited. Though I was accepted into a student transfer program that allowed me to be bused to and from Kirkwood every morning and afternoon. I've respected Kirkwood ever since that very moment. I graduated from the middle and high school in the district and it was the best 5 years I could ask for.
Being able to find out my interests and using that to help shaped my college career is great. I just wish that I had more confidence in myself.
great place to start school! The atmosphere is friendly and everyone there is always ready to help. Kirkwood has many ways to help students. As a nursing student I have received help from many departments such as the counselors office, the dean of students office, learning center, tutoring services, the cafe, financial aid office.
Great atmosphere, awesome teachers since Middle School, great school system. A downside would be the location for me personally due to me living 20 minutes away. Some of the school traditions weren’t very entertaining such as a couple school dances throught the years.
I have been in this school district since 1st grade and I love it! It's a great community with wonderful and supportive teachers and staff.
I have become very involved in my school because of my teachers believing in me and pushing me to do my best. I feel I have thrived because of my school teachers and school environment.
We have lived in Kirkwood, MO for 2 years now. We moved here from Lincoln, Nebraska. Keysor Elementary is an amazing school for our 2 daughters. The staff and teachers are incredible, as well as the curriculum, facilities, and the variety of activities to be involved in. The amount of extra curricular activities and ways to be engaged is just awesome. Everything about this school has been incredible and we highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. All the staff shows compassion about what they do on a daily basis and care for each student. I can't say enough positive things about Kirkwood School District.
I love the support teachers and staff give. I am always excited to go to school. I also really like that they are trying to implement more technology into the classrooms.
I have been in the Kirkwood School District since kindergarten and I am now a senior. I have always loved Kirkwood and felt that the community and the school is a great place to be and will set you up very well for your future.
Kirkwood High School is a great place to receive your high school education. It has teachers who really care and invest themselves in students achievement , even outside of the classroom. The classrooms and other facilities are incredible including a new pool, impressive track/football field, new science classrooms, an updated library complete with a place specifically for students to receive additional help if needed, our publications and newspaper facilities are amazing and we have one of the best journalism programs in the country. we even received personal student laptops throughout the whole district. Kirkwood works hard to make sure all students have quality resources to excell in whatever they're passionate about, from theater and orchestra, to sports, to engineering.
Rigorous curriculum and push for students to do well academically. Socially liberal for the most part.
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This is an excellent School District which prides itself on academics and has won many awards. My son is in elementary school here and so far has had a great experience.
Kirkwood High School has a well rounded curriculum. They offer a variety of academic levels for the average and above average student. The teachers are involved and want the students to succeed. They are available during home room and before and after school to help the students. The principals and head of school are involved and know most of the students by first name. The athletic programs are excellent and the facilities are top notch. The school also offers a variety of clubs to be involved in.
I've been a student for 3 years now, and have had a great experience. I wouldn't say it's a perfect school, and the principals are "quirky", but it's definitely above average
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