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Kirksville R-III School District Reviews

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It's my senior year at Kirksville Senior High and I'm happy that I was given the chance of experiencing different opportunities that other schools might not have given, but KHS did. I was given the choice of taking dual credit classes which I took full advantage of and most of the teachers know how to prepare us for college and future issues that may come along.
I like Kirksville High School, because it provides me with a good education while also allowing me to have a good high school career.
A teacher gave me a bad grade for cheating(I had proof that I didn't)on our final and didn't grade it until after school was out. She stopped her email and nobody could contact her to change the grade.
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I have been apart of this school district my entire life and I can say that it truly has everything. It has college prep classes in the English and Math departments and the teachers have a solid curriculum that they follow through.
They are outstanding teachers in this school that truly care about each and every child in the school. They go above and beyond to help children grow into young, educated adults. The teachers are extremely compassionate and understanding. If you go to a teacher with a concern they are willing to make accommodations to fit needs.
I love many of the teachers and faculty at my school. Many really seem to really care about their students. I don't really agree with the school policies. The students don't get much sleep because of how early school starts and I feel like the school itself cares more about money than its students and faculty. Bullying and sexual harassment isn't handled very well either.
This district was one where you knew everybody in your grade, which was nice. The only bad things about it was all the drama and bullying that happened here. Many teachers/staff members also seemed to favor the athletes here, which was really unfortunate for those who didn't participate in the sports programs.
I really enjoyed my four years at Kirksville high school. I learned that individuality is important and that finding a group to support you is necessary. I am headed to college this year and honestly wish I could go back to high school just one more year. Kirksville high school will always feel like home to me.
The academics are good, but the school overall lacks diversity and motivation of students and teachers alike.
Kirksville High School provides an excellent education considering the limited resources available in this economically diverse community. The students and school benefit from the string of teachers that are graduates of the highly ranked Truman State University, local to Kirksville. Many of my fellow graduates have gone on to become leading members of society around the United States and even globally as college professors, doctors, lawyers, and key executives. With that said, an excellent education and post secondary readiness awaits anyone ready to work hard.
I like how Kirksville Schools are open for all people and accepting. The district listens to students and even had the school board, the principle, the superintendent, and others come and listen to the public speaking class about things that many students would like to see change. I would like air conditioning in the Gym and a bigger parking lot, but other than that I like Kirksville High School and the district!
Kirksville High School has been a great school to attend the last 3 years. I have made tons of friends from all of the opportunities I have been given. There are tons of clubs and organizations as well as awesome sports teams to be apart of. Kirksville High School has done well to have something for everyone. One thing that they could improve on is some of the teachers. I think they need to have set standards and tests that they have to take in order to keep teaching. The best two teachers at the Kirksville High Schoool are Mrs.Bane and Mrs.Grossnickle. They are great teachers because they have expanded my knowledge tremendously and have pushed me to be better in the classroom and outside of it. More important they have been someone I can can't on for anything. They are always there for any struggle with school or life and I think that is an important trait for a great teacher.
Kirksville School District has so much to offer for it's students. There are many AP classes and dual-credit courses students can take to prepare them for college. There is a Technical Center that offers courses such as business, health careers, automotive repairs, agriculture, digital design, construction trades, and many more. The faculty and staff are incredible and really care about the well being of their students.
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