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Kirbyville Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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I have been in and out of kirbyville school and the neighboring town, jasper since 5th grade and it hasn't changed a lot. I still go to school with most of the same kids from elementary. I have been involved in the band since 6th grade and the kirbyville marching band since my sophomore year when i moved back. And they still feel like family
Kirbyville Consolidated independent School District is really good. They care about each and every one of their students. They take safety really serious. Also, They have some pretty amazing teachers and staff. Also, the band program is amazing. This School is the heart of Kirbyville Tx..
As a transferred student from out of state , I have seen many teachers that invest their time with their students. The schools athletic department is very good .
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Kirbyville has great teachers and staff. Children are in caring and enriching environments. Located in a very small town, Kirbyvilles school spirit soars. The highschool has dozens of state appearances in things such as tennis, theater, baseball, football, and band.
Kirbyville school is all about favorite people. The only way your voice will get hear is if your mom or dad works here.
Kirbyville Consolidated Independent School District has been wonderful! I've attended since the sixth grade and am now currently a High School senior. The seven years I've been here I've enjoyed every minute. It's all around a great district.
I've been a part of this school district for nearly 13 years, graduating in 2017. Along the way I've made not friends, but family with so many people in this district, faculty included. The teachers connect with each student, and do everything they can to help you succeed. The traditions, people, and activities are why I love my school. Who says small town schools can't be the best?
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