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Kiowa County Unified School District Reviews

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its a pretty good school when it comes to academics, but when it comes to teachers or staff such as the office dealing with issues like student altercations its pretty poor. The never do anything if don't have any adult witnesses even if there were students who saw, they just dismiss it and do nothing. Iv'e been bullied here for 3 years and physically shoved twice and nothing was done about it because it was " student on student accusation" .
My experience at Kiowa County was a great one. The teachers work with you and make sure you understand the work. The school itself is fairly new, so the facilities are nice.
I like how small it is you get a real one on one feel with teachers. I would like to see more color in the school it feels more like a prison in most the class rooms due to the fact that no one puts up posters or pictures.
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I love going to school here. Most of my teachers are super helpful and willing to do anything to see their students succeed. The sports teams are all full of talent and so much fun to be a part of.
I like most of the people I go to school with, but some teachers do not teach us adequately and the administrator is biased and unfair. The school is bland and colorless, and it makes the students feel like they are being punished for living.
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