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I enjoyed how I had the option to have a specific course of study. I am in the STEM Academy where I take more math and science courses. The overall atmosphere of the school is great, and the staff really takes care of their students. I always feel as though i have someone to talk to if needed be.
While I was Kingsway, I had an ok experience. I enjoyed all the student events that were offered. I have met my best friends while there and found a new passion to a sport I never knew I was going to be good at!
Kingsway is a great school district, but they focus sometimes too much on their athletics. All of the clubs and programs are extremely talented in their own ways, but often do not get recognition.
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It was okay for the most part. Most teachers are great. They do a good job of helping you when you need it and making sure your grades stay up.
Horribly mismanaged and dirty school. Aside from a few amazing teachers, almost every teacher should not be allowed to instruct children. Administration is brutal and nasty towards students and school morale is a joke.
The opportunities at my school are better than most schools with it offering a range of AP classes as well as business and STEM academies.
One thing I have always admired about Kingsway is the time and effort the staff put into connecting with students. It feels like at least part of the staff really likes what they are doing and want to help their students succeed. On the other hand, I really wish Kingsway would put more into their art program. The school focuses so much on sports, that visual and performing arts tend to get put on the back burner.
I enjoyed my time at Kingsway. The environment was absolutely awesome and I will miss my time there. Although I enjoyed my time, I do wish that we had a stronger leadership in the administration and had better facilities. In my time, we did not have a track meet at our track and it was heartbreaking,
Kingsway Regional School district is a very modest school, that takes education very high and will do anything to help you graduate
As a freshman and sophomore, the school wasn't very fun or engaging. But, once I became a junior and joined the track team, took model congress more serious, did mock trial, and joined the jazz band, I saw the school in a new light. The AP teachers are all fantastic and there are some incredible classes offered. Like principles of engineering for instance. That class was hands-on, challenging, and it prepared students for engineering in college.

So, while this school has its rough spots (ahem, administration, ahem, hallways are highways), I think the school has a lot of potential for any student. No matter who you are or what your interests are, you can find your place in this school. You just have to go out and look for it on your own, but then again, the search is a journey all in its self.
My experience at Kingsway so far has been positive. The people there have had a significant impact on my life, including the teachers, students, coaches, and administrators. Also, there are plenty of high level courses and academies offered that I was able to be a part of.
The school district is a good district but the food is not good (bring your own lunches) and some of the ideas the board of education want to implement are terrible. At one point they wanted to take doors off of the high school bathrooms. Also if you are wanting to watch high school football, don't go there the team barely wins any games. Sometimes the teachers are unclear or don't give homework assignments until 11 pm and it's due the next day.
Kingsway has many opportunities for students. They have AP classes as well as lots of assistance for kids who need some extra help. The teachers are available to help with tutoring during flexible times. There are many different types of activities that range from sports to clubs.
Kingsway is a tight knit community with programs and activities with youth in mind. The school population has grown substantially over the past decade but teachers and administrators go above and beyond to ensure students get the help they need.
Being at Kingsway made me feel like I was in a second big family. The academics are good, the teachers are good, and I enjoyed high school.
Sports facilities are lacking necessary updates. Track is condemned. District taxpayers are not supportive of school needs based on high taxes in the area. Underfunded district.
Kingsway Regional of course has drama and cliques like every other highschool, but for me Kingsway is more then a highschool. Its a place for me to be who i am and to feel like i have a voice. The teachers are most of the time happy to help and most teachers will talk to you about anything. I've had some od my best memories at Kway and im so honered and happy to be a dragon.
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The teachers were pretty nice and easy going and the work we did was super easy but It would be better if we got more breaks between work.
Great opportunity and lots of fun. I love the various things that are available. High school has been a great experience and has made me realize what I want to do with my life.
People here are beyond friendly and migrating from a different country, I felt very welcomed and have become a family very quickly.
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