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Kingsway Regional School District Reviews

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Being at Kingsway made me feel like I was in a second big family. The academics are good, the teachers are good, and I enjoyed high school.
Sports facilities are lacking necessary updates. Track is condemned. District taxpayers are not supportive of school needs based on high taxes in the area. Underfunded district.
Kingsway Regional of course has drama and cliques like every other highschool, but for me Kingsway is more then a highschool. Its a place for me to be who i am and to feel like i have a voice. The teachers are most of the time happy to help and most teachers will talk to you about anything. I've had some od my best memories at Kway and im so honered and happy to be a dragon.
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The teachers were pretty nice and easy going and the work we did was super easy but It would be better if we got more breaks between work.
Great opportunity and lots of fun. I love the various things that are available. High school has been a great experience and has made me realize what I want to do with my life.
People here are beyond friendly and migrating from a different country, I felt very welcomed and have become a family very quickly.
Few years ago SMART schedule was implemented which gave more class time and an almost 1-hour lunch. This was done by reducing daily classes to six classes a day, putting the total eight classes on a rotating schedule. I have enjoyed the lunch period as I have time to make up tests, ask teachers for help, and attend clubs and activities.
Kingsway was a great place to grow in my education and as a person. I was able to find lifelong friends that I would have never known if it were not for my high school experience.
In the grand scheme of things Kingsway is a great school. Our senior year a lot of things were taken away, such as Mr.Kingsway. This was a huge bummer. The administration are cool and the teachers are nice. I think the lack of their funding really has an affect on our school.
Kingsway offered many opportunities for students both athetically and academically. We had many AP courses to choose from, several varsity sports, and a variety of clubs.
I like the clean enviroment and the teachers. Although, I do notice that the administrayion spends money on unneccesarry things and it affects students and the supplies they really do need.
I like the overall environment. Everyone is involved in some way. There is a lot of school spirit which makes your high school experience even more memorable. The teachers are kind and care for all their students. They try to maintain a friendly relationship and eventually create deep connections.
Kingsway is a very good school. I take a lot of AP classes and the teachers are amazing and very helpful. The school aslo helps a lot when it comes to college searches.
I believe the school prepares all students for college readiness. There are SEM programs. There are Academic, Honors, and AP classes. Clubs and activities to chose from. Their sports teams are tops. I participated in soccer, softball and basketball. Cultural diversity is of the utmost.
The teachers are all pretty friendly and the principals are always willing to help with anything. My 6 years in the district shaped me into the person I am today.
Kingsway prepares students for college very well, offering many programs of academics, athletics, and activities. Students are responsible for themselves and their own work, but most teachers are willing and ready to help at any time.
Kingsway Regional School District allowed me to meet so many people and share so many memories with lifelong friends that I have grown with over the course of my time there.
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I loved my time at Kingsway! The teachers care a lot and extracurriculars are great! The SMART schedule was good and assisted me in the transition to college.
Kingsway Regional School District is a great school district because it allows students to fully indulge themselves in their academics, extracurriculars, and athletics. The teachers and staff are highly supportive and motivating and makes the school a healthy learning environment.
This year as a junior at Kingsway Regional High School it was a pretty good year for me. The teachers are just hard working and willing to help their students to do their best at all times. It may be a lot of work at times, but with the new addition of SMART lunch it makes it 10x's easier to get work finish. I believe that when I graduate high school that I will be ready for the next step in college.
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