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Kingsville R-I School District Reviews

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I liked that we had the opportunity to take the classes that benefited us for our future plans. I also like that the majority of the teachers didn't just treat us like we were just there to sit and do nothing all day, they allowed us to have fun with the homework and learning.
I have been attending Kingsville school from the start of kindergarten up until my senior year. I absolutely love it. It’s a small town school, which I really enjoy. Over majority of the students get a long with each other, and I don’t see much hatred towards the teachers or any of the staff members. I would say being in a small school over all this time, almost everyone has each other’s back for support when they need it. The teachers have always helped me when I’ve needed it, and always put the students first. I highly appreciate what they do for all of us, especially me. They have always helped me through school issues, and outside of school problems that would occur sometimes. I think it is a very fun and amazing school, and I wouldn’t of wanted to attend anywhere else.
Kingsville is a small town school where everyone knows everyone! There is an incredible amount of one on one learning given the classes are very small and personal. It is K-12 so children get to create a really special bond with peers and teachers that makes the environment friendly and comfortable.
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Kingsville R1 has so much love and compassion. The staff makes sure everyone has a chance at success. The sports are fantastic. Softball, girls basketball, and volleyball have been in a district championship. The softball girls are one of the best 8 teams in Missouri spring softball. All round best school I've been to.
At Kingsville, we run through many teachers. Most the time the hired teachers leave or don't teach us anything. The policies are ridiculously strict, especially compared to neighboring towns. However, I am super glad they offer softball and I am glad our senior class is starting new traditions.
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