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The change I would like to see is more stuff to get students involved in activities. The High school has almost 1,000 students and only a few hundred participate in extracurricular activities.
I was a member of the generation that experienced studying in newly rebuilt campus facilities and establishments of programs firsthand. The facilities were major progress towards improving the quality of KISD classrooms however the academics did not necessarily reflect a positive effect. We had access to new concepts such as open classrooms, student meeting rooms, and study lounges, however, they seemed to be unapproachable by students. Feeling barred from utilizing these resources was an odd experience as there were missed opportunities from my teachers (most of who were just doing what they were told) to properly prepare us for our state and college exams.
H. M. King Early College highschool is a great school for all types of diversitys. They are a 4a school which makes the whole school very close since they aren't too small and they aren't too big. The teachers at Hmk go above and beyond for there students to teaching them all the way till 6 pm just to keep the students Gpa at 4.0 to supporting them at all there sporting events. Hmking has had over 6 students graduate with an associates degree from CBC this year. They have academic clubs all the way to anime clubs to show the whole school doesn't matter who you are you'll fit in somehow. The principals are the most caring people always trying to make the students ready for the outside life. The school is in tip top shape, having two beautiful domes for athletics that has brought home multiple district champs, a brand new band hall and choir hall that has brought 10 plus students to state. If I were to send my kid to a friendly school it would be to HMK.
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my time at H.M, king high school was short, but very enjoyable. The staff helped me with my scheduling and planning of college in a way that I could keep up with my fellow students. The lunch there can be a bit iffy at times but they do have a suggestion box. Teachers are able to give good lessons that are easy to understand. the only thing I would change would be the website service due to its lack of information at times.
In my experience with Kingsville Independence School District the teachers and staff care a lot about the students. They take their time to help others. When I was failing out of my classes there teachers there made time to stop and attend to me to make sure I was able to pick up my grades, to make sure I was attending school even if a staff member had to pick me up from my house. Everyone there was caring. I wouldn’t want them to change one thing about them.
What I like about KISD is that most teachers try their hardest to teach you. What I would like to see change is the environment in classrooms.
At H.M.King Early College High school, we are offered many great opportunities to excel in academics and prepare us for our futures. Our teachers, staff and administrators, do everything in their power to see us successful. Our school offers a wide variety of organizations that can help students develop many skills that will contribute to their future careers. We are given the opportunity to take college classes starting as a freshman to get ahead when we attend college. Our school provides us with thirty-six college hours and we are given the chance to graduate with our associates degree and our high school diploma as well, if we complete all of the thirty-six hours. H.M.King Early College High school is a great school with amazing standards, I am very proud to be a student there.
One of my relatives asked me to drop her off some extra shorts at her school for her gym class. When we approached, the front doors were dark and locked on the outside. Thankfully, a teacher quickly came and took us to the front office, where I was asked for identification and her parents were called to verify if they confirmed for me to bring her the clothes I had brought. Not only was that a great way to prove that they have great security, but the building was, also, just remodeled and looked amazing in every aspect compared to the building I saw in the year 2010.
It's a pretty average school. Some great teachers, some terrible. Some great programs, some bad. The administration is frustrating but other than that there's not much to say.
kingsville ISD is a good school that teaches loads of topics and is a great place to learn and just be a part of the mighty Brahma marching band is the shinning star on the district with many advancements in marching competitions
I had a good experience when I was a freshman because that when we had pep-a-rally's and those were fun and pumped up students and it made the school have lots of sprit and now the school has no spirt
My experience with the Kingsville Independent School District is pretty successful. Nothing crazy has happened. I've learned quite a bit and i am thankful for the knowledge i have received.
This school district has guided me on the right paths since pre-K. I don't regret being a part of it at all. I'm proud to say I am a Brahma. They have provided us students with so many opportunities to further both ourselves and our academics. I have many college classes out of the way and I didn't have to pay for any of them or the books needed. Thank you K.I.S.D. for making my success possible!
I started my schooling in KISD when I was just a kid, but in 5th grade my parents agreed that moving my brother & I to a local charter school would benefit us. We then attended a small school, and I excelled there. I wass always on top of my classes, and recieved multiple awards for my academic achievments. 8th grade year I had to go back to KISD because of a personal reason, and I hated it for the rest of my time until summerr break. Going into highschool, I thought I would still be taunted, but I was not. I'm glad I came back to public schooling. It is now my junior year and I am, once again, hatingmy experience. Although, I hope to see a postive turn soon.
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