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Kingston K-XIV School District Reviews

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For being a small town school, received a better education than expecting. Graduated with a class of thirty-six, and managed to get into Lawrence tech, one of the best engineering schools in the country.
Kingston has been a truly life changing experience for me. I've found it quite easy here to sprout and grow academically and artistically. Despite certain limitations, I couldn't quite say I would be better equipped. The staff and programs are excellent and encouraging, and really drive you to be the best you can.
Kingston might not be the best school around because the opportunities are limited, but we all love our teachers and staff and this creates a unique and caring experience that we all love.
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Kingston is a very small school. The graduating class of 2018 consists of less than 40 kids, while our freshmen and up-and-coming high school classes are way over 80 kids. The main focus of funds in the school is for sporting events, with music and theater coming directly after.
My son has been going to Kingston since the 7 th grade and has always done well here. Teachers are great!!
Kingston is a small school without much money, but it has great academics. Personally, I just didn't really like going to a small school, but as I mentioned, Kingston excels in academics due to an excellent staff.
The school district really care about it's students! The teachers are amazing and the environment is very welcoming!
I have attended this school all of my life! The teachers are some of the kindest and caring people that I have ever met. They make sure that we fully understand our course before we are assigned any work. If any of us have had a difficult time with a certain assignment, they will sit down with us and fully explain what we need to know. I have never been afraid to voice my opinion in this district. The female to male ratio is excellent. While the racial diversity of our county isn't very high, we have never had any discrimination appear at our school. It is one of the kindest school districts around, our academics are stellar, and the teachers genuinely care about you!
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