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I am a senior at Dobyns Bennett High School and overall I have learned to excel here. While the academics and the safety of the school system is great, the lack of diversity is quite frustrating.
Great learning environment. Adaqate facilities, but a bit dated. Overall, great school district that prepares you for the real world.
The teachers at KCS schools are very helpful and form strong bonds with their students. Almost every student is involved in a club or activity, such as sports, band, or even a social club. The administration, however seemingly, is not very involved with their students and needs to improve.
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The school system puts a big emphasis on academics and offers many AP classes and are always adding more. They also have a great music program with a fantastic band.
I loved the music program. I started beginner band in 6th grade and marched through high school. Kingsport City places a huge importance on both academics and extra-curriculars.
The school system has a really good safety program, but is more athletic and band focused than academic. We need more funds for academics than extracurricular.
The Kingsport City School system, overall, is a great school system. They do care about their students education, and take it very serious. They help their students succeed in anyway they possibly can by tutoring, or even helping after school. One change that should be made, is that they should be more flexible when it comes to letting students out. For example, if Sullivan County schools are out because of severe weather, so should Kingsport City. The reason is that they are in the same exact region, and most of the students travel on the same roads. Overall, the Kingsport City School system is great.
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