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the community is overall pretty nice. Since everyone knows everyone it feels like everything is a popularity contest.
I really loved the teachers and all of the staff. Everyone there is so helpful and so caring and willing to do anything to make sure we are learning to the best of our abilities. The Principal is amazing. One of the best guys I have ever met. He has helped me through a lot the last four years. Every single staff member made it so I loved coming to school. It was fun for the most part. The one thing I would change would be not having a free period at least during senior year.
Nice to be in a smaller school system with more one on one time with staff. Schools do need to be updated with new HVAC systems, etc. Staff has formed a group to learn and support mental and social issues with students. Overall experience was great.
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I liked that it was a small school so you knew everyone in your class. With it being a smaller school the classes were smaller which gave teachers and students more opportunities to do one on one activates. I wish there were more extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in.
It is overall a good school. I personally wouldnt go as far as to say it os the best, i personally have had issues, but it is better then what i have had in the past. There is bullying present, and i cant say i havent been a victum, bit there is many counselors and different people you can trust.
Kingsley is an amazing school with great respectful, well behaved, dedicated students. So many of the parents are involved one way or another. The staff is dedicated and cares about the students.
Kingsley was a great school who pushed you to succeed in life. They had little extra curricular opportunities which was a downfall. They do well with what they have though. They do not have bullies and smart students are cool.
I am a Former Alumni of Kingsley Area Schools, it is a 'Class B' school district with approximately a little under 2,000 students. However, it does seem to be growing as each year passes. KAS is located right outside Traverse City in the Grand Traverse County. Kingsley overs a wide variety of diverse curriculum complete with extensive extracurricular opportunities. Such as - Golf, Football, Track & Field, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball/Softball, Outdoor Adventure Club, Debate, Cheerleading, Bowling, Power-Lifting, Wrestling, Basketball, Yearbook, and many, many more! Kingsley’s band, choir, and jazz band programs consistently receive top honors at state festivals throughout the years. Many of the athletic programs give opportunities for the students to be successful in many different aspects. The school does have some disadvantages, but overall is a good choice of school!
Kingsley Area Schools are excellent! I went there K-12 and loved my experience. The faculty is absolutely wonderful, they really care about their students. The courses offered and the extra curricular activities available are fantastic. This is a school I would be proud to send my kids to.
What I like about Kingsley area schools is that the school has teachers who really engage with their students and are passionate about what and how they teach. The class size allows for the students to work one on one with the faculty and get the academic attention they need. Small class sizes also allows for individual students to shine in some way or another and also allows for a tight-knit community where each student knows the name of every person in there class and quite possibly, every student within a few grades because the students have grown up with each other.
The school on the interaction level is great with many teacher who care deeply but signs that's there is problems behind that.
Due to Kingsley being a small town, all of the teachers know you and your class is small enough to get to know and be friends with everyone.
I like the block schedule. classes are longer, so you only have them twice per week. Makes it more relaxed.

Could improve the food quality.
Could improve the temperature control of the whole building; in the winter it seems like the heat is on in the morning, but gets turned off and gets kinda cold in some rooms and too hot in other rooms.
I attended Kingsley area schools starting in Kindergarten and stayed all the way till graduation. Overall the school system was pretty good. It is a small school where you get to know your entire class. I do hold some grudges on the school for the occasional poor handling of a situation. For example in seventh grade my entire class probably had a total of 5 to 8 teaches just for the seventh grade math. Because of that about 80% of my class failed their freshmen year math class and struggled all the way thru high school. I'm just glad I was one of the few who did well in math.
The over all experience was amazing for all four years. Teachers were so helpful, great sports, and great dances and proms.
Kingsley gives you many opportunities that you can't get many other places. I've become more successful than I ever thought I could. Going here since first grade has made me see the true goals of the school district. Every year, something improves. The principal at the high school could be better, I don't think he takes bullying and mental illness seriously, my friends and I have talked to him many times about bullying going on and how we feel mentally, and he kind of blows it off. I've never been the perfect, smart, 4.0 student, but Kingsley makes me feel like I am.
I went to Kingsley Area Schools my whole life. As far as academics go, they were very good. Sports were held at a great importance. The administration was not very good when it came to personal/bullying matters. We also had fun field trips in elementary school. However once high school came we did not have anymore. Kingsley is a small town, so it is the typical small town school. Kingsley is a great school to go to if you have money and a good name in the town. The school is also constantly fundrasing for sports. Most all the funds donated go to the football and basketball team. Very few dollars go to the arts.
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Kingsley High School prepared me for my future and helped me figure out who I wanted to be. The district ensures that all students are well prepared for their future.
Kingsley Area Schools has high expectations for their students, good teachers, a wide variety of class choices, as well as an opportunity to play sports or be in a variety of clubs. One thing I would change is the amount of homework given every night. Teachers should coordinate the amount of homework and number of hours given for homework each week. There are other ways to achieve student success besides the amount of homework given.
I had an enjoyable experience at KAS, but the school desperately needs to deprivatize because nothing good has come from it.
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