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Kingsland Public School District Reviews

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Our school has never had a lot of money or kids coming into the district, but that has not stopped the quality of care the students have received. I am a senior and I can honestly say I have never experienced anything negative. Our principle, Jim, is such a wonderful person. He actually cares about the students and approaches us students as if we are his friends. All of the teachers are absolutely wonderful as well. No teacher will ever turn you away if you want extra help or just simply need something repeated. They are all the kindest people who would do anything to help a student. Our school does not have the greatest sports reputations for being good or has taken major awards in our music and drama department, but that has never stopped the community or students from going out and supporting these extracurricular.
I came to Kingsland as a ninth grader. I didn't know very many people there. By the time I reached 12th grade I felt like I knew everyone and that I fit in very well. I was able to make connections and get to know all of the teachers and a majority of the staff. I felt very welcome in the school. Although the school didn't have the best of sports teams or the best facilities available I enjoyed my time at Kingsland High School.
I went to Kingsland Public Schools from preschool through 12th grade. I enjoyed most of my teachers and felt that I received a quality education from Kingsland. The class sizes, however, are very small and there is very little diversity.
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The three semester I spent at Kingsland were awful. The people there were close minded, I was bullied, and did not feel welcome. There were some good resources but for the most part it just didn’t have much to offer.
Loved Kingsland and the community around it. Very supportive staff and community who want every student to succeed. Also have great College in Schools classes which were very beneficial and optional.
Great place for kids to grow and learn. Excellent staff and teachers that want all students to succeed with academics and many other aspects of life. Would highly recommend Kingsland to any parent.
I liked that the school was small, so there is a chance to get to know all the students in your class. The teachers are very passionate about teaching.
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